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Caps & Closures

DateJan, 2006
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Countries covered: Global

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Caps & Closures in Billions of Units & Millions of US$. The specific product segments analyzed are Plastic, and Metal. The specific end-use segments discussed are Beverages, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Food, Household & Automotive Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), South America, and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region and product segment for the period of 2001 through 2010. A ten-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets with annual market analytics. The report profiles 476 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Alcoa Closure Systems International, Inc., Amcor Limited, AptarGroup, Berry Plastics, Bericap GmbH & Co., Bericap North America, Crown Holdings, Kerr Group, Owens-Illinois Plastics Group, Portola Packaging, Phoenix Closures, Silgan Closures, SupremeCorq, Inc., and Taensa.

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Table of contents:


1. Industry Overview
Global Market Outlook
Current and Future Analysis
Review by Geographic Region
Review by Product Segment
Review by End Use Segment
Historic Review
2. Market Dynamics
Trends and Issues
Right Closure - Key for Packaging
Swift Growth Ahead for Caps and Closures
Convenient Closure Designs on Demand
Plastic Closures: The Major Product Segment
PP Leads Closure Market
Plastic Offers Most Freedom in Design
Emerging Applications Drive Demand for Plastic Closures
Rubber: The Best Among Others
Beverages: The Major End-Use Segment
Wineries Get Attracted to Screwcaps
Synthetic Wine Closures Get Major Boost
Closures for Kids
Rising Intricacy in the Closures Market
Innovative Technologies Reduce Closure Costs
Active Oxygen Scavenging - The Latest in Closure Technology
Caps and Closures as Marketing Tools
Closure Manufacturing Pressures
Key Features for Closure Safety
Secondary Safety Features for Superior Capping
Dispensing Closures Gain Popularity
Pinchproof Push-Pull Closure
Demand Drivers for Closures
Consistent Closures Work Effectively with the Package
3. Product Overview
Closure - Definition
Types of Caps and Closures by Material Used
Plastic Caps and Closures
Press-On Closure
Polyethylene Snap Cap
Snap Fit Closure
Snap-On Cap Closure
Dispensing Closure
Twist Open/Close (Dispensing) Closure
Flip-Top (Dispensing) Closure
Hinged (Dispensing) Closure
Pump (Dispensing) Closure
Push-Pull (Dispensing) Closure
Toggle-Swing (Dispensing) Closure
Trigger Sprayers (Dispensing) Closure
Valved (Dispensing) Closure
Linerless Closure
Plastic Caps for Dairy Applications
Press-on Cap
Threaded Cap
Compression Liner
Milk Cap
Other Plastic Closures
Metal Caps and Closures
Child - Proof Caps
Non Child-Proof Caps
Child-Resistant Closure (CRC)
Continuous Thread Closure
Crown Closure
Lug Closure
Screw Closures
Roll-On Closure
Tamper Band
Tamper-Evident Closure
Steel Vacuum Button
Aluminum Breakable Closure
Tamper Evident Breakaway Band Closure
Tamper Evident Tear Band
Press-On/Twist-Off Closure
Vacuum Closure
Screw and Lug Caps
Spot Crown
Other Metal Closures
Other Caps and Closures
Wine Corks
Synthetic Wine Cork
Regular Length (RL) Tapered Cork
Shorter Length (SL) Tapered Cork
Finger Pull Tapered Cork Stoppers
Personalized Custom Printed Cork Stoppers
Plastic Topped Corks
Bark Top Corks
Figurine Bottle Stoppers
Rubber Caps
Silicone Rubber Caps
EPDM Rubber Caps
Vinyl Caps
Vinyl Rubber Caps
Some More Types of Caps and Closures
Deep Screw Cap
Friction Cap
Cap Liners
Spout Cap
Stacker Cap
Unlined Closure
Valve Cap
4. Raw Materials
Polypropylene - The Ideal Raw Material
Homopolymers and Copolymers
HDPE and LDPE Injection Molding
Injection Molded Closures
Molded Plastic Closures
Rigid Plastic Caps and Closures
Thermoplastic Elastomers
5. Caps and Closures - An End Use Analysis
Novel Closures for Specific Applications
End Use Segments
Cork and Synthetic Closures - Best for Wine
Granulated Cork
Crown Seal
Agglomerate Corks
Cosmetics and Toiletries
Growing Demand for Closures in the Dairy Market
Evolution of Dairy Container Caps
Household and Automotive Chemicals
Other Applications
6. Insight into Select Closure Types
Plasti-Twist Closure
Twist-Off Closures
PT (Press-On Twist Off®) Closures
Combo Closure
IDEAL Closure
7. Technological Breakthroughs/Innovations
ProCork Technology from Australia
Portola Introduces Fusion Cap
Gardner Technologies Unveils MetaCork and MetaSeal Closures
MGS Develops Multi-Material Rotary Stack- Mold System
8. Product Developments/Introductions
Amcor White Cap Introduces 63mm PT Closure in Europe
Alcoa Introduces VinTegra
Amcor Unveils 40mm Band-Guard Closure
CROWN Closures Europe Introduces New EuroCapper Machine
CROWN Zeller Launches 24 Plastic Closures
Amcor Introduces 33mm Plasti-Twist® Cap
Crown Launches New AquaGuard™ Plastic Closure
Crown Rolls Out Two New Closures
New Multipurpose Closures from BERICAP Group
Pago Launches New Plastic Packaging
Crabtree & Evelyn Introduces Organic Product Line with Premium Closures
New Worldwide Website for Closure Solutions from Alcoa CSI
Rexam Closures Launches 38mm TIFF Closure
Rexam Closures Unleashes 28mm Flat Cap
Alcoa Unveils XT Closures
Sud-Chemie Adds Range of Caps and Closures
Alcoa Develops Seal-MAX For Dairy Packaging
Alcoa Unveils Alco-Lok Closure Line
Alcoa Unveils Retort and Slider Zippers
BlackHawk Molding Unveils Super Quad Cap
Integra-Seal Improves 38mm Snap-on Cap
Elopak Introduces Pure-Cap
Seaquist Unveils Heinz Trap Cap
ZapatA Introduces FlipSeal Polypropylene Closure
Nodor Launches New Dispenser-Adapter
CCL Unveils Press-top Dispensing Closures
Bericap Unveils Twist and Snap-on Closures
Airspray Unleashes New Pump Foamer/Dispenser
Carow Unleashes Universal Pump Adaptor
SeaquistPerfect introduces a Specialty Actuator
Rieke Packaging Develops Directional Spout
Canyon Launches T95 Trigger Sprayer
Tri-Seal Launches Induction Seals
Rexam Introduces C-R Closure
Polytop Introduces Polycam PS-360 Closure
The Kerr Group Unveils Deep-skirted Closure
Sanner Launches Hinged Closure
Phoenix Launches Buttress-Thread Cap
Portola Packaging Develops Water-Bottle Caps
O. Berk Offers a range of Metal and Plastic Closures
Fenton, Weber & Jones Packaging Offers a Range of Closures
New Shake-and-Pour Caps Developed for Composite Cans
M&M Industries Unleashes Resealable Screw-On Lid
9. Recent Industry Activity
Crown Holdings Divests Plastic-Closures Business
AptarGroup to Acquire EP Spray System
Alcoa Strikes a Deal with Kroger
Shivalik Closures Sets Up Bottle Caps Manufacturing Unit
CCL Takes Over CCL-Pachem
CCL to Purchase Merroc’ Assets
Alcan Acquires Propack
AptarGroup Takes Over MBF Developpement SAS
Owens-Illinois Divests Plastics Assets
Saint-Gobain Establishes New Plant
Integra Opens New Plant
Silgan Completes Acquisition of Amcor White Cap LLC
Amcor Acquires Schmalbach-Lubeca’s White Cap Closure and PET Container Business
Kerr Group Acquires U.S. Packaging Businesses
Owens-Illinois Divests Closure Assets
Portola Purchases Tech Industries
Berry Purchases Landis
Berry Purchases Closure Assets
Hindustan Seals Changes Name to Manaksia
Risdon-AMS Inc. Shutters Danbury Facility
10. Focus on Global Key Players
Alcoa Closure Systems International, Inc. (USA)
Amcor Limited (Australia)
AptarGroup (USA)
Berry Plastics (USA)
Bericap GmbH & Co. (Germany)
Bericap North America (Canada)
Crown Holdings (USA)
Kerr Group (USA)
Owens-Illinois Plastics Group (USA)
Portola Packaging (USA)
Phoenix Closures (USA)
Silgan Closures (USA)
SupremeCorq, Inc. (USA)
Taensa (Ecuador)
11. Global Market Perspective

1. The United States
A. Market Analysis
Market Outlook
Historic Review
Factors Influencing the US Caps and Closures Demand
Focus on the US Caps and Closures Market
Product Launches
Strategic Corporate Developments
Focus on Key Players
Alcoa Closure Systems International, Inc.
Berry Plastics
Crown Holdings
Kerr Group
Owens - Illinois Plastics Group
Portola Packaging
Phoenix Closures
Silgan Closures
SupremeCorq, Inc.
B. Market Analytics
2. Canada
A. Market Analysis
Market Overview Historic Review
Strategic Corporate Developments
Bericap North America - A Key Canadian Player
B. Market Analytics
3. Japan
A. Market Analysis
Market Outlook
Historic Analysis
Product Launch
B. Market Analytics
4. Europe
A. Market Analysis
Market Outlook
Regional Overview
Product Segment Overview
End Use Segment Overview
Historic Review
Closure Production in Western Europe
Push-pull Closures to Witness higher Growth Rates
Product Launches
B. Market Analytics
4A. France
A. Market Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
4B. Germany
A. Market Analysis
Market Overview
Historic Analysis
Bericap GmbH & Co. - A Key German Player
Product Launch
B. Market Analytics
4c. Italy
A. Market Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
4d. The United Kingdom
A. Market Analysis
Market Overview
Historic Review
The UK Wine Market: A Shift from Cork to Artificial Closures
B. Market Analytics
4e. Spain
A. Market Analysis
Market Outlook
A Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
4f. Russia
A. Market Analysis
Market Overview
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
4g. Rest of Europe
A. Market Analysis
A Historic Review
Product Launch
B. Market Analytics
5. Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Historic Review
Product Launches
Strategic Corporate Developments
B. Market Analytics
5A. China
A. Market Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
5B. India
A. Market Analysis
Historic Review
Indian Market for Caps and Closures - An Overview
Strategic Corporate Development
B. Market Analytics
5c. Rest of Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Historic Review
Amcor Limited (Australia)- A Key Player
B. Market Analytics
6. South America
A. Market Analysis
Analysis by Region/Country
Analysis by Product Segment
Analysis by End-Use
Historic Review
Product Launch
B. Market Analytics
6A. Brazil
A. Market Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
6B. Mexico
A. Market Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
6c. Rest of South America
A. Market Analysis
Historic Review
Taensa (Ecuador) - A Key Player
B. Market Analytics
7. Rest of World
A. Market Analysis
Outlook Historic Review
B. Market Analytics

1. AB Cerbo (Sweden)
2. AB Modulpac (Sweden)
3. ABA Packaging Corporation (USA)
4. Afflerbach Bцdenpresserei GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
5. Agriplas Benelux SA (Belgium)
6. Aircos (France)
7. AK Vaerktoj & Plastfabrik I/S (Denmark)
8. Albiplast AG (Switzerland)
9. Alcan, Inc. (Canada)
Alcan Packaging (Puerto Rico)
Alcan Packaging (Puerto Rico)
Alcan Packaging Tscheulin-Rothal GmbH (Germany)
MT Packaging (France)
Techpack Group (France)
10. Alcoa, Inc. (USA)
Alcoa Closure Systems International, Inc. (USA)
Alcoa Csi (Hungary)
Alcoa Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
11. Alfa Plastik AS (Czech Republic)
12. Alfred Kolb GmbH AKO-Kunststoffe (Germany)
13. Allibert Buckhorn UK Ltd. (UK)
14. All-Pak, Inc. (USA)
15. Allplastic AB (Sweden)
16. Alpla Werke Lehner GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
17. Alplast SpA (Italy)
18. Alto Plastics Ltd. (New Zealand)
19. Aluminio Y Aleaciones SA (Alumalsa) (Spain)
20. Alvaro Coelho & Irmaos SA (ACI) (Portugal)
21. Amcor Limited (Australia)
Amcor Containers Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Amcor Italia Srl (Italy)
Amcor Rentsch & Closures (Switzerland)
Amcor White Cap Europe GmbH (Germany)
Amcor White Cap Nordiska AB (Sweden)
Amcor White Cap Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
22. America star cork co., inc (USA).
23. Amorim Group (France)
Amorim Cork America (USA)
Amorim Cork Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
24. Amraz Ltd. (Israel)
25. Anazé (Portugal)
26. Anchor Plastics Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
27. Aotea Plastics Industries Ltd. (New Zealand)
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30. Arrowpak, Inc. (USA)
31. ATP Health & Beauty Care (USA)
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Bericap North America (Canada)
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42. Berlin Packaging (USA)
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Tri-Sure Closures (The Netherlands)
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Greif , Inc. (USA)
GRT Verpackungen Aus Kunststoff GmbH (Germany)
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Huhtamaki Australia Ltd. (Australia)
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241. Metropak A/S (Denmark)
242. Metz Plastik GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
243. Mika Firma Handlowa (Poland)
244. Mikronet Zaklad Technik Cyfrowych (Poland)
245. Miran Jsc (Belrus)
246. Mivisa Envases SA (Spain)
247. Mocap, Inc. (USA)
Mocap, Ltd (UK).
248. Mommer Metall- Und Kunststofftechnik GmbH (Germany)
249. Mondial Capsule Srl (Italy)
250. Morgenthum GmbH (Germany)
251. Morlo GmbH (Germany)
252. Morrow Bros Ltd. (UK)
253. Moss Plastic Parts Ltd. (UK)
Moss Kunststof Produkten (The Netherlands)
Moss Kunststoffprodukte GmbH (Germany)
Moss Products Plastics Ltd. (UK)
254. Mouldtec Kunststoff GmbH (Germany)
255. M-Plast AS (Denmark)
256. MPS International Ltd SP. Z O.O. (Poland)
257. Muller Technik GmbH (Germany)
258. Multiplast Bejaia Sarl (Algeria)
259. Muoviyhtyma OY (Finland)
260. Murapack Sprl (Belgium)
261. Mureddu Sugheri (Italy)
262. Nampak Group (South Africa)
Region: 2003-2004 (H1) (In R million)
Nampak Bevcap (South Africa)
Nampack-Foodcan (South Africa)
Nampak Plastics Europe (Europe)
263. Naturin Canada, Inc. (Canada)
264. NCI Packaging Ltd. (Australia)
265. Neocork Technologies (USA)
266. Neue Studli Plast AG (Switzerland)
267. New Box SpA (Italy)
268. Niagara Caps & Plugs (USA)
269. Ningbo Z&Z Sprayer Co., Ltd. (China)
270. Nipra Industries Pvt., Ltd. (India)
271. Norcor - Indústria De Corticas SA (Portugal)
272. Norden Pac International AB (Sweden)
273. Norrebo Traindustri AB (Sweden)
274. Novembal Imballaggi Srl (Italy)
275. Novotech Ltd. (Belarus)
276. Nukorc Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
277. Nuova Nor Plast, Sdf (Di Trigiante Davide) (Italy)
278. Nylon Closure Srl (Italy)
279. O Berk Company (USA)
280. Oekametal Oehlhorn GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
281. Oeneo (France)
282. Ol-Plast Przedsiebiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe (Poland)
283. Opakomet Zaklad Produkcji Opakowan (Poland)
284. Oskar Schaumburg OHG (Germany)
285. Otto Burke GmbH (Germany)
286. Owens-Illinois, Inc. (USA)
2003-2004 (H1) (In US$ million)
Owens - Illinois Plastics Group (USA)
287. P. Thorkildsen Plasticindustri AS (Norway)
288. Pabic Teknoplast AB (Sweden)
289. Pacific Packaging Components, Inc. (USA)
290. Pack Tech A/S (Denmark)
291. PackSys Global Ltd. (Switzerland)
292. Pagani Capsule Srl (Italy)
293. Pal Vilmos Egyeni Vallalkozo (Hungary)
294. Pamex Plastic AB (Sweden)
295. Pano-Verschluss GmbH (Germany)
Pano Cap Canada Limited (Canada)
296. Parliament International Ltd. (UK)
297. Pascoe Industries Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
298. Paul Schutte GmbH (Germany)
299. Pavel Beran - Europlast (Czech Republic)
300. PC Plastique & Chimique Sarl (Algeria)
301. Pearce Plastics, Inc. (USA)
302. Pei Yang Ent Co. (Taiwan)
303. Pelliconi & C., SpA (Italy)
Pelliconi Abruzzo Srl (Italy)
304. Penn - Wheeling Cap & Closures (USA)
305. Pennar Aluminium Co., Ltd. (India)
306. Phoenix Closures, Inc. (USA)
307. Pil-Pak A/S (Denmark)
308. Pinti Espana SA (Spain)
309. Plaspak Group Limited (Australia)
(In US$ million)
Peteron Plastic Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
Plaspak Closures Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
310. Plast Normen AB (Sweden)
311. Plastex Oy AB (Finland)
312. Plastic Closures Ltd. (UK)
313. Plasticas Majadahonda SL (Plasmasa) (Spain)
314. Plasticos Cervellos SA (Spain)
315. Plasticos Galplats SA (Spain)
316. Plasticos Juarez SA (Spain)
317. Plasticos Plari SA (Spain)
318. Plasticos Solanas SL (Spain)
319. Plasticum (UK) Ltd. (UK)
320. Plastifor (France)
321. Plastigroup Srl (Italy)
322. Plastiques Poppelmann France (France)
323. Plastistamp SNC (Italy)
324. Plastitalia Srl (Italy)
325. Plastivit SA (Spain)
326. Plastizs Egyeni Vallalkozas (Hungary)
327. Plastohm Group (France)
Plastohm AG (Switzerland)
Plastohm Italia Srl (Italy)
Plastohm SA (Spain)
328. PMG Ltd. (UK)
329. Polimoon Group Ltd. (The Netherlands)
Polimoon AS (Norway)
Polimoon, Ltd. (UK)
330. Polycad Industries (1989) Ltd. (Israel)
331. Polytek Sarl (Algeria)
332. Polytop Corporation (USA)
Polytop Erichson GmbH (Germany)
333. Poppelmann GmbH & Co., Kg Kunststoffwerk - Werkzeugbau (Germany)
334. Portocork International (Portugal)
335. Portola Packaging, Inc. (USA)
Portola Packaging Ltd. (UK)
Portola Packing Ltd. (Austria)
336. Preci-Carbure SA (Switzerland)
337. Precise Phaff BV (The Netherlands)
338. Preteux Bourgeois (France)
339. Productos Auxiliares Del Embotellado SA (Padesa) (Spain)
340. Promosystem Srl (Italy)
341. Propper Kg Kunststoff- Und Metallverarbeitung (Germany)
342. Protec.The Cap Company GmbH & CO., Kg. (Germany)
343. Qorpak (USA)
344. Q'Pac Ltd. (New Zealand)
345. Quibel SA (France)
346. Quimar Sugheri Srl (Italy)
347. Radolid Thiel GmbH (Germany)
348. Radpol SA (Poland)
349. Raka-Plast GmbH (Germany)
350. Ramondin Capsulas SA (Spain)
351. Rapp Gmbh Herstellung Und Vertrieb Technischer Kunststoffteile (Germany)
352. Rauh GmbH & Co. Blechwarenfabrikations KG (Germany)
353. Raviv A. C.S., Ltd. (Israel)
354. Rebhan GmbH & Co KG FPS Kunststoff-Verpackungen (Germany)
355. Reliable Cap & Closure, Inc. (USA)
356. Rexam Closures & Containers (USA)
357. Rheingauer Kunstharzpresserei Klaus-Peter Kirchner (Germany)
358. Richard Greschbach GmbH (Germany)
359. Richards Packaging, Inc. (Canada)
360. Riegler GmbH (Germany)
361. Rieke Corporation (USA)
Rieke Italia Srl (Italy)
Rieke Packaging Systems, Englass (UK)
Heinrich Stolz GmbH Rieke Packaging Systems t (Germany)
362. RIS Cork Industry LDA (Bulgaria)
363. Risdon GmbH Kunststoffverpackungen (Germany)
364. Rivercap SA (Spain)
365. Rixius AG (Germany)
366. Robert Wagner GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
367. Roberts Metal Packaging (UK)
368. Roma International PLC (UK)
369. Ross Handling Ltd. (UK)
370. Rovip SA (France)
371. RPC Group (UK)
372. RS Kunststofftechnik Ulrich Scholz (Germany)
373. Ruba Thermoplast AG (Switzerland)
374. Rusi Cosmetic GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
375. Rymel Plastique Sarl (Algeria)
376. S + R Kunststofftechnik GmbH (Germany)
377. SA Del Tapon De Plástico (Sadetap) (Spain)
378. Sabeu Kunststoffwerk Northeim GmbH (Germany)
379. Sab-Plast AB (Sweden)
380. SACO (Specialist Anodising Co., Ltd.) (UK)
381. Saewang Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. (Korea)
382. Sagrera & CIE (France)
383. Saint-Gobain Calmar (France)
384. Samhwa Crown & Closure Co., Ltd. (Korea)
385. Samsung Medical Rubber Co., Ltd. (Korea)
386. Sдntis J. Gцldi AG (Switzerland)
387. Saunier Michel SA (France)
388. Scanbech AS (Denmark)
Scanbech Ltd. (UK)
Scanbech SA (France)
389. Scandolara SpA (Italy)
390. Scanplast & Co. AS (Norway)
391. Schela Plast A/S (Denmark)
392. Schofel Blechwarenfabrik GmbH (Germany)
393. Scholle Corporation (UK)
394. Schott Glaskontor Zweigniederlassung Der Schott Spezialglas GmbH (Germany)
395. Schotte Kunststoffen (The Netherlands)
396. Scott Closures International Ltd. (UK)
397. Sealware International Dichtungstechnik GmbH (Germany)
398. Seaplast SA (Spain)
399. Seaquist Closures (USA)
Seaquist-Valois Australia (Australia)
400. Sebald Iso-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG Werk (Germany)
401. Seidel GmbH & Co. (Germany)
402. Shanghai Crown Packaging Co., Ltd. (China)
403. Shenyang Zhongfu Containers Co., Ltd. (China)
404. Shin Kee Ind Ltd. (Taiwan)
405. Sibel (France)
406. Sifaplast Srl (Italy)
407. Siferplast, Snc (Di Rasoli Rino And C.) (Italy)
408. Sigiltech Srl (Italy)
409. Silgan Closures LLC (USA)
410. Simmar, SNC (Di Sbacco Simone & Marco) (Italy)
411. Sinclair & Rush Limited (UK)
Stockcap (UK)
Stockcap (UK)
412. SKS Bottle and Packaging, Inc. (USA)
413. Sleever Internacional SA (Spain)
414. Smithco Industries (USA)
415. Société Industrielle De Matières plastiques g. Martin (S.I.M.P.) (France )
416. Société Industrielle Des Bouchons En Liège (SIBEL) (France)
417. Sodripack NV (Belgium)
418. Sosaer Metallwaren Oskar Lange KG (Germany)
419. Southco GmbH (Germany)
420. Spalinger, Julio (Switzerland)
421. Sparflex SA (France)
422. Spartan Plastics Canada Ltd. (Canada)
423. Speciality Packaging Nederland BV (The Netherlands)
424. Spemaba Spezialmaschinenbau Plauen GmbH (Germany)
425. Spla Industrial SA (Spain)
426. Sports Sights Innovations (Canada)
427. Stak-Plast, Ltd. (Israel)
428. Stanimirov Cork Industry LdA. (Portugal)
429. Stedo-Sanitar-GmbH (Germany)
430. Stella Kunststofftechnik GmbH (Germany)
431. Stelplast, Sas (Italy)
432. Stevron Marine & Industrial (UK)
433. Studli Plastikfabrik AG (Switzerland)
434. Stull Technologies (USA)
435. Sud Capsule Srl (Italy)
436. Sun-U, Inc. (Korea)
437. Supermatic Kunststoff AG (Switzerland)
438. Supreme Corq, Inc. (USA)
439. Supreme Plastics Ltd. (UK)
440. Tabaplast, SNC (Di Tabarini Diego & C.) (Italy)
441. Taensa (Ecuador)
442. Taiwan Hon Chuan Ent Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
443. Talisman Plastics PLC (UK)
444. Tapi Srl (Italy)
445. Taplast SpA (Italy)
446. Tapon France (France)
447. Tapones Ralesa SL (Spain)
448. Tekutec Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH (Germany)
449. Techplastmed Ltd. (Belarus)
450. Tecnocap Srl (Italy)
451. Ten Cate Plasticum Rijen BV (The Netherlands)
452. Tetra Pak International SA (Switzerland)
Tetra Pak Canada, Inc. (Canada)
453. Tettauer Glashьttenwerke AG (Germany)
454. Tex Chu Trading Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
455. Thieco-GmbH (Germany)
456. Thomas GmbH (Germany)
457. Tik Slovakia Sro (Slovak Republic)
458. Tilton Plastics (Canada)
459. Toly Products UK Ltd. (UK)
460. Torgovit Jsc (Bulgaria)
461. Tournaire SA (France)
462. Tramapack SA (Switzerland)
463. Tri-Seal (USA)
464. Tuboplast-Hispania SA (Spain)
C.T.L. Packaging SA (France)
465. Umbehr AG (Switzerland)
466. Unimark Plastics (USA)
467. Unionplast Srl (Italy)
468. Unisto GmbH (Germany)
Unisto AG (Switzerland)
Unisto BV (The Netherlands)
Unisto Italiana Srl (Italy)
Unisto SA (France)
469. Urola S.C.L. (Spain)
470. Van Blarcom Closures, Inc. (USA)
Johnson-VBC (USA)
471. Vancells & Cia SA (Spain)
472. VEK Company Ltd. (Russia)
473. Vem De Tapas Metálicas SA (Spain)
474. Vend-Plast Aps (Denmark)
475. Verchere Plastiques Industriels (VPI) (France)
476. Vereinigte Kapselfabriken Nackenheim GmbH (Germany)

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