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Industrial Valves

DateFeb, 2006
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This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Industrial Valves in Millions of US$. The specific product segments analyzed are Globe and Check Valves, Ball Valves, Control Valves, Butterfly Valves, Waterworks Valves, Solenoid Valves, and Nuclear Valves. The specific end-use segments discussed are Chemical Industry, Petroleum Refining, Pulp & Paper Ind., Water & Sewage Utilities, Electric Power Generation, Oil & Gas Transmission, Petroleum Production, and Commercial Construction. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East/South Africa, and Latin America. Annual forecasts are provided for each region and product segment for the period of 2001 through 2010. A ten-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets with annual market analytics. The report profiles 1170 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Crane Co., Xomox Corporation, Emerson Electric Co., Flowserve Corporation, Halliburton Company, KITZ Corporation, KSB AG, Tyco International Ltd., Velan, Inc., and Watts Industries, Inc.

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Table of contents:


1. Industry Overview
Consolidation in the Market, Inevitable
Industrial Valve Products
2. Outlook
Offering Customized Products
Product Development is the Order of the Day
Flow Control Systems
Integration of Control Valve with PAM Systems
3. Industry Analysis
E-Business Initiatives
Industry Depends on Regulation and Standards
Old Orange Standard
4. Competitive Analysis
5. Product Overview
Standard Industrial Valve Products
Plug Valves
Butterfly Valves
Quarterturn Valves
Ball Valves
Application Specific Valves
Safety & Relief Valves
Pinch & Diaphragm Valves
Nuclear Valves
Gate, Globe & Check Valves
Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Valves
Waterworks Valves
Other Industrial Valve Products
Steam Traps
Regulator Valves
Gas Cylinder Valves
Other Standard Valves & Parts
Control Valves
Solenoid Valves
Major Industrial Valves and their Characteristics
6. End-Use Market Analysis
Petroleum Industry
Chemical Industry
Electric Power Generation
Pulp and Paper
7. Product Introductions/Innovations
Sporlan Valve Co Launches New Ball Valve Series
Mueller Steam Specialty Introduces New Line of Products
NIBCO Launches High-Performance Butterfly Valves
Burkert-USA Introduces Flipper Solenoid Valves
Sterling Hydraulics Inc. Rolls Out Hydraulic Cartridge Valves
Humphrey Products Launches Three and Four-Way Solenoid Valves
Merill Manufacturing Co. Unveils New Brass Ball Valve
Mucon Unveils New Butterfly Valve Range
Roberts Joins Forces with CEPEX to Offer PVC Butterfly Valves
Control Components Inc. Develops New Type of Valve
VHS Valves from Lee Co
Clippard Instrument Laboratory Introduces Poppet Valves
Valcor Scientific Introduces Three-Way Instrument Valves
Delta Power Expands Cartridge Valves Series with Tecnord Valves
IMI Norgren Introduces Mini-ISO valves V44/V45
Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc Launches Air-Operated Shutoff Valve
HydraForce Launches Bi-directional Hydraulic Valves
HydraForce Introduces New Valves for Hydrostatic Fan Drives
HydraForce Enhances Features of Hydraulic Directional Valves
Webster Instruments Launches FV Series Flow-Divider Valves
Bi-directional Self-Leveling Hydraulic Valves from Delta Power
Pioneer Valves Introduces Forged Gate and Globe Valves
Xomox Introduces Stem Seal that Stops Ball Valve Leaks
TPC Pneumatics Unveils New Valves
Marwin Ball Valves Launches Metal-Seated Ball Valve
Marwin Valve Unveils 3-Piece Heavy-Duty Ball Valve
Victaulic Co. Introduces Butterfly Valves
Victualic Rolls Out New Generation Valves
Lexair Expands Poppet Valves Series
Alicat Scientific Launches Miniature Valve Actuator
Johnson Controls Introduces Enhanced Version of VG1000 Series ball valves
George Fischer Launches Type 343 Ball Valve
Marwin Valve Introduces DM9000 Full-Bore Valve
Burkert Contromatic Corp. Launches Modular Ball Valve System
George Fisher Launches the Type 110 Linear Control Ball Valve
Lee Industries Unveils USDA-Approved Sanitary Ball Valves
Metso Automation (Neles Automation) Unveils Valve Management
Burkert Contromatic Corp Unveils Miniature Solenoid Valves
HydraForce Introduces Flow Control Valves
Pisco Unveils Lightweight Ball Valves
Sterling Hydraulics Launches Load Control Valves
Sterling Hydraulics Introduces Flow Control Valves
Gestra UK Launches the RK86 Range of Check Valves
New Teflon NXT to Replace Regular Teflon
Arburg’s Innovation in the Production of Water Manifold Check Valves
8. Recent Industry Activity
L&T Plans to Acquire Chinese Valve Manufacturing Company
Transmark International Acquires Distribution Businesses
Indian Company, Mather and Platt Ltd. Collaborates with German Company, VAG
Cooper Cameron Acquires PCC Flow Technologies’ Valve Producing Division
Foundry Acquisition Group Acquires Lionheart Industries
Colfax Corporation Buys Out the Assets of Portland Valve
Suzhou KF Valve to Become the Fully Owned Subsidiary of CIRCOR International
Crane Ltd Acquires Valve Business of Hattersley Newman Hender Ltd
Eaton Corp Agrees to Acquire Ultronics Ltd
Watts Water Technologies Increases its Ownership in Taizhou Shida Plumbing Manufacturing Co Ltd. to 100%
Parker Hannifin Corporation Acquires Sporlan Valve Co
Hayward Pool Products Acquires Goldline Controls Inc
Strahman Valves Acquisition of American Rubber & Metal Hose Co Inc
Watts Water Technologies Acquires 90% Stake in TEAM Precision Pipe Work Ltd
Watts Water Technologies Inc Acquires McCoy Enterprises Inc
CIRCOR International Inc Acquires Mallard Control Inc
Flowserve Corporation Fully Acquires Thompsons Kelly & Lewis Pty
Crane Co Acquires PL Porter Controls Co
Hamilton Sundstrand Service Corp plans to Acquire Haskel International Inc
Strahman Valves Acquires a French Valve Company
Barnes Group Inc Acquires De Sta Co
Flowserve Acquires Invensys’ Flow Control Division
NIBCO Purchases Tolco
ChevronTexaco and Emerson Sign Comprehensive Supply Agreement
Crane Co. Acquires Emerson’s Valve Business
Singapore-Based Company Acquires 70% Stake in UK-Based Company
Crane Acquires Industrial Flow Group of Alfa Laval Holding
Kaydon Corp Acquires ACE Controls and ACE Controls International Inc
Mc Junkin to Acquire Automation & Control Specialists
Crane’s Chinese Joint Venture
Engineered Software Forms Strategic Alliance with
Emerson to Sell the Xomox Valve Business
Waterflex Check Valve from Red Valve Checks Backflow of Water
Crane Acquires the Assets of a Division of Groth Corporation
Goddard Industries Signs Agreement to Acquire Mack Valves Pty Ltd Australia
Precision Castparts Acquires Wouter Witzer’s Valve Division
Metron Technology Enters into an Exclusive Agreement with Habonim
Neles Automation Enters Into an Agreement with DSM
Three Group Companies Join Together to form The Energy Group
Valvtron Product Line Chosen for Shell Athabasca Oil Sands Project
9. Focus on Select Key Players
Crane Co. (USA)
Xomox Corporation (USA)
Emerson Electric Co. (USA)
Flowserve Corporation (USA)
Halliburton Company (USA)
KITZ Corporation (Japan)
KSB AG (Germany)
Tyco International Ltd (Bermuda)
Velan Incorporated (USA)
Watts Industries Incorporated (USA)
10. Global Market Perspective

1.The United States
A. Market Analysis
A Highly Fragmented Market
Strategic Corporate Developments
Product Launches
Focus on Key Players
B. Market Analytics
2. Canada
Market Analysis
A. Market Analysis
KITZ Corporation-A Key Player
B. Market Analytics
A. Market Analysis
European Industrial Valves & Actuators Industry
Strategic Corporate Developments
B. Market Analytics
Market Analysis
A. Market Analysis
Europe’s Single Largest Market
KSB AG-A Leading Player
B. Market Analytics
4c.The United Kingdom
A. Market Analysis
Strategic Corporate Developments
B. Market Analytics
Market Analysis
Market Analysis
Market Analysis
4g.Rest of Europe
A. Market Analysis
Alfa Laval AB (Sweden)-A Key Player
B. Market Analytics
A. Market Analysis
An Overview of Select Markets
The Philippines
Strategic Corporate Developments
B. Market Analytics
6. The Middle East/Africa
Market Analysis
7. Latin America
Market Analysis

1. A. Aicher Prдzisionsdrehteile (Germany)
2. A. J. Gummers, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
3. A. J. Kollemann GmbH (Germany)
4. A. u.K. Muller GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
5. A+R-Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
6. AAA ENT Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
7. Aalberts Industries N.V. (The Netherlands)
8. Aardvalves (United Kingdom)
9. ABS Bombas (Spain)
10. Achille Burocco Inoxvalvole (Italy)
11. Acona Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
12. Actuant Australia Ltd. (Australia)
13. Acuflo Industries Ltd. (New Zealand)
14. Adams Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
15. Adams-Hydraulics, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
16. Aden France ERS (France)
17. Adepta Engineering, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
18. Advanced Valve Technologies, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
19. Aeon Kempster Ltd. (United Kingdom)
20. Aeromatic GmbH (Germany)
21. Agrinet (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
22. Aignep Srl (Italy)
23. Ainsworth Engineering (Pty)., Ltd. (South Africa)
24. Air Liquide (Sogis) (France)
25. Airaga Rubinetterie, SpA (Italy)
26. Aircom Pneumatik GmbH (Germany)
27. Airtec Pneumatic GmbH (Germany)
28. AKO Armaturen and Separations GmbH (Germany)
29. Alco Valves (UK), Ltd. (United Kingdom)
30. Aleaciones Y Fundiciones, S.A. (Ayfusa) (Spain)
31. Alfa Laval AB (Sweden)
Alfa Laval (Pty)., Ltd. (South Africa)
Alfa Laval, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Alfa Laval Nordic A/S (Denmark)
Alfa Laval Sas (France)
Alfa Laval, SpA (Italy)
32. Alfa Valvole, Srl (Italy)
33. Alfons Haar Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
34. Alfred Konrad Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany)
35. Alfred Reinecke GmbH & Co, KG. (Germany)
36. Alingsеs Armatur AB (Sweden)
37. Alligator Ventilfabrik GmbH (Germany)
38. Alpes Instruments (France)
39. Alpha Controls (United Kingdom)
40. AlphaFluid Hydrauliksysteme Muller GmbH (Germany)
41. Alstom (France)
Alstom Belgium Power (Belgium)
42. AMCA Hydraulic Fluid Power B. V. (The Netherlands)
43. Amcast Industrial Corporation (USA)
44. Ampo, S. Coop. (Spain)
45. Amz Rolf Ziegler GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
46. Andreas Hofer Hochdrucktechnik GmbH (Germany)
47. Andreas Lupold Hydrotechnik GmbH (Germany)
48. Anshan Iwk Controls Co., Ltd. (China)
49. Anson Ltd. (United Kingdom)
50. Antares, SRL (Italy)
51. Anti Retour System (A. R.S.) (France)
52. Antonsanti S.A (France)
53. Antriebe Ruti AG (Switzerland)
54. Apcom, Inc. (USA)
55. Apex Hydraulics, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
56. Apollo Gossnitz GmbH (Germany)
57. Apparatebau Wittler Spradow GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany)
58. Aptargroup, Inc. (USA)
59. Aqua-Gas Manufacturing Ltd. (United Kingdom)
60. Aquatec Inform Gmbh Edelstahl-U. Kunststoffverarbeitung (Germany)
61. Arag, S.r.l (Italy)
62. Arca-Regler GmbH (Germany)
63. Arco Armaturenfabrik Obrigheim GmbH & Co. (Germany)
64. Argus Fluidtechnik GmbH (Germany)
65. ARI Armaturen Albert Richter GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
66. Armaturen-Und Autogengeratefabrik Ewo Hermann Holzapfel KG. (Germany)
67. Armaturen Und Geratebau Peine GmbH (Germany)
68. Armaturen-Und Metallwerke Zoblitz GmbH (Germany)
69. Armaturenfabrik Franz Schneider GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
70. Armaturenfabrikation Milenkovic & Terek (Germany)
71. Armaturen-Technik Magdeburg GmbH (Germany)
72. Armaturentechnik R. H. V. Meyerinck GmbH (Germany)
73. Armaturen-wolff friedrich h. Wolff GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
74. Armaturjonsson (Sweden)
75. Armstrong International S.A . (Belgium)
76. Asea Brown Boveri, Ltd (Switzerland).
ABB Control Valves (United Kingdom)
77. Asada Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
78. Assag Industriespenglerei-Apparatebau AG (Switzerland)
79. Astam Valve Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
80. Astava BV (Netherlands)
81. Astori Rubinetterie, SpA. (Italy)
82. Auld Valves, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
83. Auranor Luftfordeling AS (Norway)
84. Autoclave France (France)
85. Automatic Machine Products Co. (USA)
86. Automatic Valve Corp. (USA)
87. Automelec SA (France)
88. Avintos Flow Control AG (Switzerland)
89. Avk International A/S (Denmark)
90. Avs-Power Oy (Finland)
91. AWK Kleinknecht GmbH (Germany)
92. AWP Kalte-Klima-Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
93. AWS Apparatebau Arnold GmbH (Germany)
94. AXA-Maschinen-und Armaturen GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
95. Axel Johnson Engineering GmbH (Deutschland)
96. Azofar S.A. l. (Spain)
97. Badger Meter, Inc. (USA)
98. Balkore Industries, Inc. (USA)
99. Ban Chang Hardware Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
100. Bando Corporation (Korea)
101. Banico Ltd. (United Kingdom)
102. Barberi Srl (Rubinetterie Industriali)
103. Barclay Engineering Ltd. (New Zealand)
104. Bardiani Valvole SpA (Italy)
105. Barnant Company (USA)
106. Barnes & Gannon Ltd. (United Kingdom)
107. Bauer Compresseurs (France)
108. Baumgarten Silo-Und Anlagentechnik GmbH (Germany)
109. Begetube NV (Belgium)
110. Behrendt GmbH & Co. Kg (Germany)
111. Beijing Hushangtong Equipment Eng. Co., Ltd. (China)
112. Beijing Qiujing Pumps & Vavles Mfg. Co., Ltd. (China)
113. Beijing Zigong High-Pressure Valves Co., Ltd. (China)
114. Belgicast Internacional, SL (Spain)
115. Belgium Ventiel NV (Belgium)
116. Bender Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
117. Bender Pneumatic GmbH Armaturenfabrik (Germany)
118. Berluto Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
119. Bertoldo & Co., Srl (Italy)
120. Beru Korea Co., Ltd. (Korea)
121. Bestobell Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
122. Beta Ballvalves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
123. Beta Valve Systems Ltd. (United Kingdom)
124. Betabite Hydraulics Ltd. (United Kingdom)
125. Bewa-Rohrhalterungen GmbH (Germany)
126. Bezares SA (Spain)
127. BiTherm SL (Spain)
128. Blackhall Engineering Ltd. (United Kingdom)
129. Blanke Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
130. Boiswood Ltd. (United Kingdom)
131. Bonetti Armaturen Vertrieb GmbH (Germany)
132. Bonomi (UK) Ltd. (United Kingdom)
133. Baumer Holding AG (Switzerland)
Bourdon-Haenni AG (Switzerland)
Bourdon-Haenni SAS (France)
Bourdon-Haenni A/S (Denmark)
134. Brackett Geiger GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
135. Brahma SpA (Italy)
136. Brandoni SpA (Italy)
137. Brandtek Pallema AB (Sweden)
138. Brass Fittings & Supplies Ltd. (United Kingdom)
139. Brassform Ltd. (United Kingdom)
140. Brassware Sales Ltd. (United Kingdom)
141. Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH (Germany)
142. Bray Armaturen & Antriebe Europa (Germany)
143. Bray Controls (UK) ltd (UK).
144. Brdr.Christensens Haner A/S (Denmark)
145. Brimer VA Produktion AB (Sweden)
146. Broady Flow Control Ltd. (United Kingdom)
147. Broen Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
148. Brooksbank Valves Limited (United Kingdom)
149. BT-Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
150. BTG Southern Europe SAS (France)
151. BT-Hydraulik AG (Switzerland)
152. Bucher Hydraulics GmbH (Germany)
Bucher Hydraulics Ltd. (United Kingdom)
153. Buchholz Umwelttechnik GmbH (Germany)
154. Buracco SA (France)
155. Burbridge Valve Co., Ltd. (United Kingdom)
156. Burger-Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
157. Burger Industriewerk GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
158. Burgmann B. v.b.a. (Belgium)
159. Burkert GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Burkert-Contromatic AG Schweiz (Switzerland)
Burkert Contromatic (France)
Burkert Contromatic (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
Burkert Contromatic Italiana SpA (Italy)
Burkert Contromatic New Zealand Ltd. (New Zealand)
Burkert-Contromatic AB (Sweden)
Burkert Contromatic BV (The Netherlands)
Burkert-Contromatic NV/SA (Belgium)
160. Bush & Wilton Ltd . (United Kingdom)
161. Butler Valves and Fittings Limited (United Kingdom)
162. C.B. D. Meccanica Srl (Italy)
163. C.E.M.E., SpA (Italy)
164. C.F. Scheer & Cie. GmbH & Co. (Germany)
165. C.G.E.S. SA-NV (Belgium)
166. Caen, SA (Spain)
167. Caleffi SpA (Italy)
168. Calobri Srl (Italy)
169. Camozzi GmbH Pneumatic (Germany)
170. Capital Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
171. Carbureibar SA (Spain)
172. Carl Grawe Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
173. Caroma Industries Limited (Australia)
174. Carraro SpA (Italy)
175. Casals Cardona Ind. SA (Spain)
176. Cashco, Inc. (USA)
177. Castiglioni Mario Valvole Industriali Srl (Italy)
178. CCI AG (Vormals Sulzer Thermtec AG) (Switzerland)
179. Cedaspe SpA (Italy)
180. Cejn Iberica SL (Spain)
181. Cejn-Product GmbH (Germany)
182. Centralair, SA (Spain)
183. Centreglow Ltd. (United Kingdom)
184. Cesare Bonetti SpA (Italy)
185. Changdel Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
186. Chavonnet SA (France)
187. Chemical Support Systems Ltd. (United Kingdom)
188. Chengdu Ronshin Industry Group Co., Ltd. (China)
189. Christ GmbH (Germeny)
190. Christian Bollin Armaturenfabrik GmbH (Germany)
191. Chuchu Decayeux (France)
192. Cimberio Cav. Uff. Giacomo, SpA (Italy)
193. Cinox, Snc (Italy)
194. Circor International, Inc. (USA)
195. Clarkson Controls, Ltd (UK).
196. Cla-Val SA (Switzerland)
197. Clesse (UK) Limited (United Kingdom)
198. Clorius Controls A/S (Denmark)
199. Clyde Materials Handling (United Kingdom)
200. CMD Guarnizioni Industriali Srl (Italy)
201. CNNC Suzhou Valve Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. (China)
202. Cobham Fluid Systems Ltd. (United Kingdom)
203. Cocoon Srl (Italy)
204. Cofem SA (Spain)
205. Cogne Acciai Speciali S.R.L. (Italy)
206. Coley Instruments (United Kingdom)
207. Colfax Corporation-Portland Valve (USA)
208. Colves Srl (Italy)
209. Comav Srl (Italy)
210. Combined Gas Systems (United Kingdom)
211. Comer SpA (Italy)
212. Compac Industries Ltd. (New Zealand)
213. Comparato Nello Srl (Italy)
214. Compart Compressor Technology GmbH & Co.Kg (Germany)
215. Compass Oilfield Supply Co., Ltd. (United Kingdom)
216. Conaqua Wasertechnik GmbH (Germany)
217. Conflow Ltd. (United Kingdom)
218. Conti Rubinetterie Sas (Italy)
219. Control Valves UK Ltd. (United Kingdom)
220. Controlfluid Srl (Italy)
221. Controlli SpA (Italy)
222. Convey-Schmid AG (Switzerland)
223. Cooksey Engineering Ltd. (United Kingdom)
224. Cooper Cameron Corporation (USA)
Cameron France (France)
Cameron Norge AS (Norway)
225. Corona Control AB (Sweden)
226. Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd. (United Kingdom)
227. Costruzioni Mecc. Rubinetterie Raimondi Pierino Sas (Italy)
228. Cotswold Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
229. Cottam & Preedy Ltd. (United Kingdom)
230. CPF Industriale SpA (Italy)
231. CPV Manufacturing, Inc. (USA)
232. Crane Company (USA)
Barksdale, Inc. (USA)
Crane Australia Pty Ltd. (Australia)
Crane Fluid Systems (United Kingdom)
Crane Process Flow Technologies Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Crane Stockham Valve Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Xomox AG (Switzerland)
Xomox Corporation (USA)
Xomox International GesmbH & Co. (Germany)
233. Crosby Valve, Inc. (USA)
234. Cymax AG (Switzerland)
235. Cyrus Shank, Co. (USA)
236. Dab Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
237. Daeryoong Valve Co., Ltd. (Korea)
238. Dafram SpA (Italy)
239. Dalian Kaisin Valve Co., Ltd. (China)
240. Dalian Kitamura Valves Co., Ltd. (China)
241. Damper Technology Ltd. (United Kingdom)
242. Danfoss A/S (Denmark)
Danfoss-Socla-SAS (France)
Danfoss AS (Norway)
Danfoss Industrieautomatik GmbH (Germany)
Danfoss Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Danfoss S.A (Spain)
Danfoss SA-NV (Belgium)
243. Daume Regelarmaturen GmbH (Germany)
244. De Ho Metal Ind Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
245. Defontaine SA (France)
246. Delo Industrie Klebstoffe (Germany)
247. Delta Valves & Controls Ltd. (New Zealand)
248. Den Hartog Industrie En Handelsonderneming BV (The Netherlands)
249. Denison Hydraulics UK Ltd. (United Kingdom)
250. Dennis Nakakita SA (Spain)
251. Dereve (Flow Controls) Ltd. (United Kingdom)
252. DE-STA-CO Industries (USA)
253. Dettin SpA (Italy)
254. Deutsche Tecalemit 2000 GmbH (Germany)
255. Devon Rubber Co., Ltd. (United Kingdom)
256. Devtec Ltd. (Ireland)
257. Dezurik/Copes-Vulcan (United Kingdom)
258. Diar-Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
259. Dingerkus Armaturen Metallwerke Otto Dingerkus GmbH (Germany)
260. Dintrade Oy (Finland)
261. DMN Schuttguttechnik GmbH (Germany)
262. Donald Brown (Brownall) Ltd. (United Kingdom)
263. Donau Hydraulik GmbH (Germany)
264. Dong Jin Valve Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
265. Dong-A Valve Co., Ltd. (Korea)
266. Dongyang Valve Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
267. Dott. Ing. Mario Cozzani Srl (Italy)
268. Douglas Chero SpA (Italy)
269. Douglas Industrial Ltd. (United Kingdom)
270. Dougoud SA, Louis (Switzerland)
271. Dowson Handling (United Kingdom)
272. Dr. Breit GmbH (Germany)
273. Dr. Thiedig + Co Anlagen-Und Analysentechnik (Germany)
274. Dresser, Inc. (USA)
Dresser Flow Control-Masoneilan (USA)
Dresser Italia Srl (Italy)
Dresser Rand UK Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Dresser UK Limited (United Kingdom)
Dresser Valves Europe GmbH (Germany)
275. Dril-Quip (Europe) Ltd. (United Kingdom)
276. Dropsa Schmiertechnik GmbH (Germany)
277. DS Control Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
278. Ducroux SA (France)
279. Duevi Forniture Industriali Srl (Italy)
280. Dupenloup SA (Switzerland)
281. Duratex (Brazil)
282. Duru Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
283. Dustair Limited (United Kingdom)
284. Duvalco BV (The Netherlands)
285. Dymet Alloys (United Kingdom)
286. Dynamic Controls Ltd. (United Kingdom)
287. Dynamic Fluid Control (Pty), Ltd. (South Africa)
288. E Olsson's Maskinfabrik ApS (Denmark)
289. E. Friedrichs & Sohne Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
290. E. Georg Ludecke Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
291. E.R. Hidraulica S.L. (Myanmar)
292. East Tack Ent Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
293. East Yorkshire Hydraulics Ltd. (United Kingdom)
294. Easter-Owens, Inc. (USA)
295. Eaton Corporation (USA)
296. Eayuan Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
297. Eba Pneumatic H. Ehrenbach (Germany)
298. Ebro Valvole Srl (Italy)
299. Econex Srl (Italy)
300. ECR Nederland BV (The Netherlands)
301. Edelstahlarmaturen Wiesmoor GmbH (Germany)
302. Eds Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany)
303. Effebi SpA (Italy)
304. Egai Aprotec (France)
305. Eisenwerke F. W. Duker AG & Co. Kgaa (Germany)
306. Eisenwerke Fried. Wilh. Duker AG & Co. Kgaa (Germany)
307. EKS Elektromagnetik Dr. Scheuerer KG (Germany)
308. Elbi International, SpA (Italy)
309. Ele.Fantini Srl (Italy)
310. Electro Talleres Zarauz SA (Spain)
311. Elettromeccanica Delta SpA (Italy)
312. Elmekanik Nive Aps (Denmark)
313. Elomat Wassertechnik GmbH (Germany)
314. EM Technologies Deutschland (Germany)
315. Emerson Electric Company (USA)
Emerson Process Management (United Kingdom)
Emerson Process Management (United Kingdom)
Asco Joucomatic GmbH (Germany)
Asco Joucomatic Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
Asco/Joucomatic S.A. (France)
316. Emil Kammerer GmbH (Germany)
317. EM-Technik GmbH (Germany)
318. ENA GmbH (Germany)
319. Enardo Manufacturing Co. (USA)
320. En-Chen Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
321. End-Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
322. Endeavour International Ltd. (United Kingdom)
323. Enolgas Bonomi SpA (Italy)
324. Enware Australia Pty., Limited (Australia)
325. Enwesa Operaciones S.A. (Spain)
326. Epsilon Instrumentation Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
327. Equipos Componentes Y Valvulas S.L. (Ecoval)
328. Erhard GmbH & Co. (Germany)
Erhard Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
329. Erwes Pneumatic GmbH (Germany)
330. Esbe AB (Sweden)
331. Escha Bauelemente GmbH (Germany)
332. Estner & Schmidt Maschinenfabrik GmbH (Germany)
333. Etawa Edelstahltechnik Fur Abwasser-Und Wasser GmbH (Germany)
334. Etna Industrie (France)
335. Leopold Clere (France)
336. Eurobinox (France)
337. Euromatic GmbH (Germany)
338. Eurotec Antriebszubehцr GmbH (Germany)
339. Eurotermo Srl (Italy)
340. Eurovalve Srl (Italy)
341. Evalco (Singapore) Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
342. Everwand & Fell GmbH (Germany)
343. Everyvalve Equipment Ltd. (United Kingdom)
344. EVT Erdeljan Verbindungstechnik GmbH (Germany)
345. Exmar Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
346. Extronics Ltd. (United Kingdom)
347. Ezze AB (Sweden)
348. F.I.R.S.A. SpA (Italy)
349. F.W. Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
350. F.X. Stohr GmbH & Co. Armaturenwerk KG (Germany)
351. Fabricast Group Ltd. (United Kingdom)
352. Fair Fortune Valves Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
353. Faisst Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
354. Famat SA (Switzerland)
355. Fantini Cosmi S.p.A (Italy)
356. Far Rubinetterie SpA (Italy)
357. FCX Pegler Beacon Australia (Australia)
358. FCX Taylors (New Zealand)
359. Federal Mogul Valves (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
360. Felcher Luigi Srl (Italy)
361. Fema Srl (Italy)
362. Ferrero Rubinetteria, Srl (Italy)
363. Festo AG & Co. KG (Germany)
Festo (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
Festo AB (Sweden)
Festo Belgium SA (Belgium)
364. Feuer-Vogel GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
365. FG Franz Goessmann GmbH (Germany)
366. Fike Europe Bvba (Belgium)
367. Fiorentini UK Ltd. (United Kingdom)
368. Firequip Pty, Ltd. (Australia)
369. Fischer Mess-und Regeltechnik GmbH (Germany)
370. Fisher Controls Pty Limited (Australia)
371. Fl. Heynen En Co., NV (Belgium)
372. Flexachem Manufacturing Ltd. (Ireland)
373. Flexitallic Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
374. Flonidan Gas Division AS (Denmark)
375. Flow Control Technologies (France)
376. Flow Meter S.p.A. (Italy)
377. Flowhow Ltd. (Finland)
378. Flowserve Corporation (USA)
Flowserve Canada, Inc. (Canada)
Flowserve Essen GmbH (Germany)
Flowserve FSD Pty Ltd. (Australia)
Flowserve Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
Flowserve S.A (Switzerland)
Flowserve, SpA (Italy)
379. Fluid Automation Systems GmbH (Germany)
380. Fluidtec AG (Switzerland)
381. Fluxinos Italia Srl (Italy)
382. FM-Racine Hydraulik AG (Switzerland)
383. Fominaya SA (Spain)
384. Fonderie & Officine Rubeo Srl (Italy)
385. Fontan Racoreria S.A. (Spain)
386. Fortune Mfg Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
387. Foshan Kenfulai Jiuru Fire Pump Co., Ltd. (China)
388. Foshan Rifeng Enterprise Co., Ltd. (China)
389. Framatome ANP (France)
390. Francel (France)
391. Frank Ruffer Drehteile Und Dusenfertigung (Germany)
392. Franz Duerholdt GmbH & Co. KG Armaturenfabrik (Germany)
393. Franz Klein GmbH & Co. (Germany)
394. Franz Schuck GmbH (Deutschland)
395. Fratelli Fortis Srl (Italy)
396. Fratelli Guerrra Srl (Italy)
397. Fratelli Pettinaroli SpA (Italy)
398. Fratelli Tassalini SpA (Italy)
399. Frenstar Ltd. (United Kingdom)
400. Fresco Systems Limited (New Zealand)
401. Frese Armatur Oy AB (Finland)
402. Friatec AG (Germany)
403. Friedrich Gampper KG (Germany)
404. Friedrich Grohe Ag & Co. Kg (Germany)
Grohe Limited (United Kingdom)
405. Friedrich Kцster GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
406. Friedrich Krombach GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
407. FU SAN Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
408. Fujian Quanzhou Shenluda Group Co., Ltd. (China)
409. Fundiciones Y Talleres Del Manzanares SA (Funtam) (Spain)
410. Fwu Yih Grass Ent Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
411. G. Kromschroder Aktiengesellschaft (Germany)
412. Galassi & Ortolani SpA (Italy)
413. Galloppini Rubinetterie, S.R.L (Italy).
414. Gamma Fluid Srl (Italy)
415. Garlock GmbH (Germany)
416. Gas Natural Cegas SA (Cegas) (Spain)
417. Gas Navarra SA (Spain)
418. Gascon Products Ltd. (United Kingdom)
419. Gebr. Bruse KG (Germany)
420. Gebr. Echtermann GmbH & Co. Armaturenfabrik (Germany)
421. Gebr. Rieger GmbH + Co., KG (Germany)
422. Gebr. Tuxhorn GmbH and Co.KG (Germany)
423. Gebruder Beul GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
424. Gee Shin Valve Ind Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
425. GEFA Processtechnik GmbH (Germany)
426. Gema-Technik GmbH (Germany)
427. Gemini Valve Europe BV (The Netherlands)
428. General Electric Company (USA)
GE Water Technologies (USA)
GE Power Systems (USA)
429. Genebre S.A. (Spain)
430. General Pneumatics Pty Ltd. (Australia)
431. Generant Co., Inc. (USA)
432. Georg Fischer AG (Switzerland)
Georg Fischer GmbH + Co (Germany).
Georg Fischer N.V. (The Netherlands)
433. Gestra GmbH (Germany)
Gestra Steam Solutions (United Kingdom)
434. Ghidoli Pasquale & C. SAS (Italy)
435. Giacomini GmbH (Germany)
436. Giuliani Anello S.r.l (Italy)
437. GL Ludemann Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
438. Glynwed, Srl (Italy)
Glynwed NV (Belgium)
439. Gok Regler-Und Armaturen GmbH & Co. Kg (Germany)
440. Gold Valve Industrial Co., Ltd. (Korea)
441. Gottgens Industriearmaturen GmbH (Germany)
442. Govoni Sim Bianca Impianti, SPA (Italy)
443. Grand Gas Equipment, Inc. (Taiwan)
444. Greiner SpA (Italy)
445. Grenco Ibérica, SA (Spain)
446. Gresswell Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
447. Grundfos Pumpen AG (Switzerland)
448. GSR Ventiltechnik Gmbh & Co. KG (Germany)
449. Guangzhou Jiafusi Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (China)
450. Guglielmi Danilo & C Srl (Italy)
451. Guichon Valves (France)
452. Guidi Srl (Italy)
453. Gulbinat Messtechnik GmbH (Germany)
454. Gunric (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
455. Gusberti Marcello, Snc (Italy)
456. Gustav Mankenberg Armaturenfabrik GmbH (Germany)
457. GVS Systems & Services, Inc. (Canada)
458. H. Hermann Ehlers GmbH (Germany)
459. H. Niehьser Armaturenbau Und Vertriebs GmbH (Germany)
460. H.Schroeder and Co. Elbach GmbH and Co. KG (Germany)
461. Haapakosken Tehdas Oy (Finland)
462. Haitima Corporation (Taiwan)
463. Halliburton Company (USA)
464. Hallwachs Messtechnik & Sonderarmaturenbau Gmbh (Germany)
465. Hangzhou Worldwise Valve Co., Ltd. (China)
466. Hankison International (USA)
467. Hans Berg GmbH & Co. Kg (Germany)
468. Hans Huber AG (Germany)
469. Hansa-Metallwerke Ag (Germany)
470. Hartmann + Lammle AG (Hydraulische Steuergerate) (Switzerland)
471. Hauck Manufacturing (USA)
472. Haustechnik Schupfen AG (Switzerland)
473. Heikki Laiho Oy (Finland)
474. Heinrich Brugmann & Co. (Germany)
475. Heinrich Nymphius GmbH (Germany)
476. Heinz Gotz Metallform GmbH (Germany)
477. Held Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany)
478. Henan Shangdie Valve Industry Co., Ltd. (China)
479. Herberholz GmbH (Germany)
480. Herion USA, Inc. (USA)
481. Herpi International SA (Belgium)
482. Herz Armaturen Ges. M.B. H (Austria)
483. Hespel KG (Germany)
484. High Pressure Equipment (NZ) Ltd. (New Zealand)
485. Hillen de lelie b.v. (Netherlands)
486. Hindle Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
487. Hintal AB (Sweden)
488. Hoerbiger Kompressortechnik GmbH (Germany)
Hoerbiger Iberica SA (Spain)
Hoerbiger Italiana SpA (Italy)
Hoerbiger-France SA (France)
489. Hohhot Zhonghuan Group Corporation (China)
490. Holmbury Ltd. (United Kingdom)
491. HO-Matic AG (Switzerland)
492. Honeywell International, Inc. (USA)
Honeywell AG (Germany)
Honeywell Limited (Australia)
Honeywell SA (France)
Honeywell SpA (Italy)
493. Hora Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
494. HTS Maskinteknikk As (Norway)
495. Humes Pipeline Systems (New Zealand)
496. Hunt Valve Company, Inc. (USA)
497. Hurner AG (Switzerland)
498. HV Controls Ltd. (United Kingdom)
499. HWA Sung Co., Ltd. (Korea)
500. Hydac Technology GmbH (Germany)
HYDAC Technology GmbH (Germany)
Hydac A/S (Denmark)
Hydac Technology Ltd. (United Kingdom)
501. Hydor Bvba (Belgium)
502. Hydraforce, Inc. (USA)
503. Hydraservice Hydraulic Hardware Aust Pty Ltd. (Australia)
504. Hydraulink Fluid Connectors Ltd. (New Zealand)
505. Hydro Pneumatic, Srl (Italy)
506. Hydro Swede I Stockholm AB (Sweden)
507. Hydrofer SA (Spain)
508. Hydroserv Bvba (Belgium)
509. Hydroservice SpA (Italy)
510. Hydrotool AG (Switzerland)
511. Hydrovern Ltd. (United Kingdom)
512. Hypress AG (Switzerland)
513. Hypro EU Limited (United Kingdom)
514. I.S.T. Molchtechnik GmbH (Germany)
515. IB Edelstahl GmbH (Germany)
516. Icon Industries Pty Ltd. (Australia)
517. Ideal Aerosmith (USA)
518. Idex Corporation (USA)
519. Idrosanitaria Bonomi SpA (Italy)
520. Ifn Srl (Italy)
521. Iller-Pneumatik Fluid-Technik Systeme GmbH (Germany)
522. IMI PLC (United Kingdom)
IMI Cash Valve, Inc. (USA)
IMI Norgren GmbH (Germany)
IMI Norgren Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
IMI Norgren SpA (Italy)
IMI Webber Ltd. (United Kingdom)
IMI Yorkshire Fittings Ltd. (United Kingdom)
523. IMT Armaturen AG (Switzerland)
IMT Armaturen Srl (Italy)
524. Indag Gesellschaft fur Industriebedarf mbH & Co. Betriebs KG (Germany)
525. Industrias Banat S.L. (Spain)
526. Industrias Y Mecanizaciones Micro, S.A. (Spain)
527. Infinam Srl (Italy)
528. Ing. Karl Eibel GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
529. Ingenieros Promotores, S.L. (IPROSA) (Spain)
530. Ingersoll Rand Italiana SpA (Italy)
531. Ingold AG, OTTO (Switzerland)
532. Inofer NV (Belgium)
533. Inoxpa, SA (Spain)
534. Inrada Group (The Netherlands)
Inrada Group (The Netherlands)
535. Insamcor (Pty) Ltd (South Africa).
536. Interapp Italiana Srl (Italy)
537. Intervalve BV (The Netherlands)
538. Intovalve Ltd. (United Kingdom)
539. Intra Commercial Corporation (South Korea)
540. Invensys Plc (United Kingdom)
Apv Australia Pty Ltd (Australia).
PV Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
nvensys Appliance Controls (USA)
nvensys Building Systems Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
nvensys Flow Control Australasia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
nvensys Systems NV (Belgium)
541. Inzi Controls Co., Ltd. (Korea)
542. IPS (Oldham) Ltd (UK)
543. Italmeccanica Srl (Italy)
544. Italvalv, Snc (Italy)
545. Itap SpA (Italy)
546. ITT Industries, Inc. (USA)
ITT Industries Pure-Flo Solutions Group (Sweden)
ITT Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH (Germany)
547. J&J Automation Uk Ltd (UK).
548. J. Pareta S.A. (Spain)
549. J.A. G. Metallbau GmbH (Germany)
550. J.C. Hansen’s Metalvarefabrik ApS (Denmark)
551. Ja Chan Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
552. Jado France SA (United Kingdom)
553. James Jones Company (USA)
554. Jeil Metal, Co. (Korea)
555. Jenex Ltd. (United Kingdom)
556. Jieh Chyang Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
557. Jimten SA (Spain)
558. Jinn Lung Motor Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
559. Johannes Schafer Vorm. Stettiner Schraubenwerke GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
560. John Crane France (France)
561. John Valves Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
562. Johnson Controls, Inc. (USA)
Johnson Controls Norden A/S (Denmark)
563. Jokwang I.L.I Co., Ltd. (Korea)
564. Joong Ang Industrial Co. Ltd. (Korea)
565. Josef Biggemann GmbH (Germany)
566. Josef Wierling Metallbau GmbH (Germany)
567. Jouka Oy Ltd. (Finland)
568. JRG Gunzenhauser AG (Sissach)
569. Kang Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Korea)
570. Karasto Armaturenfabrik Oehler GmbH (Germany)
571. Karcoma-Armaturen GmbH (Deutschland)
572. Kavee BV (The Netherlands)
573. Keco Engineered Controls (USA)
574. Keraflo Ltd. (United Kingdom)
575. Kerotest Manufacturing Corporation (USA)
576. KFM Regelungstechnik Gmbh (Germany)
577. Kieselmann GmbH (Germany)
578. King Gate Metal Corporation (Taiwan)
579. KITZ Corporation (Japan)
Kitz Corporation of America (USA)
580. Klaus Union GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
581. Klein-Teile-Produkt GmbH (Switzerland)
582. KMS Stossdampfer GmbH (Germany)
583. KNP Marine Co. (South Korea)
584. Knut Malmberg A/S (Norway)
585. Kodaco Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
586. Kohler Mira Ltd. (United Kingdom)
587. Kolster Engineering A/S (Denmark)
588. Konsolen AG (Switzerland)
589. Koontz-Wagner Electric Co., Inc. (USA)
590. Korea Special Metal Co., Ltd. (Korea)
591. Korea Unicom Valve Co., Ltd. (Korea)
592. Kosung Industrial Company (Korea)
593. Kracht GmbH (Germany)
594. Kramer Italia Srl (Italy)
595. Krauser, S.L. (Spain)
596. Kruger Industriebedarf GmbH (Germany)
597. Krupp Uhde GMBH (Germany)
598. KSB Group (Germany)
KSB Finland Oy (Finland)
KSB Fluid Systems GmbH (Germany)
KSB Ltd. (United Kingdom)
599. Ksr Kuebler Level Measurement & Control Ltd. (UK)
600. Kuhnke GmbH (Germany)
Kuhnke Pneumatic Components SpA (Italy)
601. Kuhr GesmbH (Austria)
602. Kum Kang Precision Co. (Korea)
603. Kunzmann + Hartmann Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
604. Kurimoto, Ltd. (Japan)
605. Kurt G. Lahr Prazisionswerkzeugfabrik (Germany)
606. KV Pneumatics BV (The Netherlands)
607. Kwang Jin Valve Ind. Co., Ltd. (Korea)
608. L&L Produkter I Gavle AB (Sweden)
609. L. B. Bentley Limited (United Kingdom)
610. L.G. Ball Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
611. La Tecnovalvo Rubinetterie Industriali, Srl (Italy)
612. La Torre Srl (Italy)
613. Landi Renzo SpA (Italy)
614. Lanelius Forsaljnings AB (Sweden)
615. Larox Flowsys Oy (Finland)
616. Larox Oyj (Finland)
617. Lasso Technik AG (Switzerland)
618. Laun GmbH Maschinen-Und Apparatebau (Germany)
619. Le Robinet Frigorifique Francais (France)
620. Leeds Valve Co., Ltd. (UK)
621. Leengate Valves (United Kingdom)
622. Legris SA (France)
Legris (Wuxi) Fluid Control Systems Co., Ltd. (China)
Legris AG (Switzerland)
Legris Belgium SA-NV (Belgium)
Legris Ltd. (United Kingdom)
623. Leo Lippe KG Feinblechverarbeitung (Germany)
624. Leonard Valve Company (USA)
625. Leopold Volz Kg Fluidtechnik (Germany)
626. Leser GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
627. Level R.C.M., Srl (Italy)
628. Liaoning Hydranlic Pressure Ind. Co. (China)
629. Linde AG (Germany)
630. Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
631. Lindner Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
632. Linnemann GmbH Edelstahlarmaturen (Germany)
633. Liquetec Valves & Manufacturing (New Zealand)
634. LK Armatur AB (Sweden)
635. LKM Pumpen GmbH (Germany)
636. Long Tai Copper Corporation (Taiwan)
637. Losi Getriebe-Steuerungen-Hydraulik GmbH (Germany)
638. Louis Scheible (Germany)
639. Lowen-Hydraulik Hydraulische Anlagen GmbH (Germany)
640. Ludwig Maschinen-Und Stahlbehalterbau (Germany)
641. Luise W.E. S.R.L. (Italy)
642. Luitpold Schott Armaturenfabrik GmbH (Germany)
643. LuK Fahrzeug-Hydraulik GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
644. Lung San Electric Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
645. Lung Yun Casting Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
646. Luxor SpA (Italy)
647. M & M International Srl (Italy)
648. M.G. Herl Armaturen Fabrik GmbH + Co. KG (Germany)
649. M.N. Valve Extinguisher, Snc (Italy)
650. Mac Valves Pacific, Inc. (New Zealand)
651. MacGregor Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
652. Mack Valves Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
653. Mactenn Systems Ltd. (United Kingdom)
654. Mada Sas (Italy)
655. Madas Srl (Italy)
656. Magnet-Schultz GmbH and Co. KG (Germany)
657. Magnus Jensen A/S (Denmark)
658. Mahle France Sarl (France)
659. Maiolo E Vacca SNC (Italy)
660. Malcolm Lynden Ltd. (United Kingdom)
661. Mangiarotti SpA (Italy)
662. Mantovani SpA (Italy)
663. Maper Oy (Finland)
664. Marchesi Meccanica Srl (Italy)
665. Markaryds Metallarmatur AB (Sweden)
666. Marsh Bellofram Europe Ltd. (United Kingdom)
667. Maschinenfabrik Gunter Schormann GmbH (Germany)
668. Masoneilan SA (Spain)
669. Matar Srl (Italy)
670. Matcon Ltd. (United Kingdom)
671. Maxon International Bvba (Belgium)
672. Mead Fluid Dynamics, Inc. (USA)
673. Mead UK Ltd. (United Kingdom)
674. Mec Rela Srl (Italy)
675. Mecafrance S.A. (France)
676. Mecanica Egarense S. A. (MECESA) (Spain)
677. Mecanica Prisma S.L . (Spain)
678. Mecanical Construction AB (Sweden)
679. Meccanica Rhodense, Snc (Italy)
680. Mechetronics Ltd. (United Kingdom)
681. Meco Metallwerk Gebr. Scholten-Luchsen GmbH (Germany)
682. Med SpA (Italy)
683. Medana & Visca Srl (Italy)
684. Meggitt Plc (United Kingdom)
685. Melcher & Frenzen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
686. Mencarelli Pompe E Valvole Srl (Italy)
687. Merinox Metallwaren GmbH (Germany)
688. Mertik Maxitrol GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
689. Metal Work Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
690. Metalmeccanica Di Pavone V. & F. SNC (Italy)
691. Methven Ltd. (New Zealand)
692. Metso Corp. (Finland)
Metso Automation (Finland)
Metso Automation BV (The Netherlands)
Metso Automation NV (Belgium)
693. Meyer & Co., Peter (Switzerland)
694. MG Process Valves SA (France)
695. MHA-Zentgraf Merziger Hochdruck-Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
696. Mib Italiana Srl (Italy)
697. Micro Matic Instrument A/S (Denmark)
698. Micro Matik Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
699. Microtecnica Trevisana SNC (Italy)
700. Midland Fluid Power (United Kingdom)
701. Milton Roy Company, Inc. (USA)
Dosapro Milton Roy SA (France)
Haskel (Asia) Pty., Ltd. (Singapore)
702. Ming Kuan Machinery Mfg Ent Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
703. Mittelmann Armaturen GmbH + Co. Kg (Germany)
704. MKS Instruments, Inc. (USA)
705. MNG Armaturen Honeywell AG (Germany)
706. Mokveld (UK) Ltd. (United Kingdom)
707. Monteco Industrial Valves Srl (Italy)
708. Morel SAS (France)
709. Morrel International Srl (Italy)
710. Morrison Brothers Company (USA)
711. Morth GesmbH, Rudolf (Austria)
712. Mostro AS (Czech Republic)
713. Motherwell Control Systems Ltd. (United Kingdom)
714. Mounsey Engineering Ltd. (United Kingdom)
715. Mt.H Control Valves Co., Ltd. (Korea)
716. Muco Amsterdam BV (The Netherlands)
717. Mullenbach-Armaturen Gmbh & Co., KG. (Germany)
718. Muller Co-ax GmbH (Germany)
719. MV Automation Systems GmbH (Germany)
720. Myson Radiators Ltd (United Kingdom)
721. Nanjing Huajia Pump & Valve Co., Ltd. (China)
722. Nanjing Taigao Vavles Mfg. Co., Ltd. (China)
723. Nass Magnet GmbH (Germany)
724. Natex (Australia) Engineering Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
725. Naval Oy (Finland)
726. NDA Engineering Ltd. (New Zealand)
727. Negri Fratelli Srl (Italy)
728. Nencini Officine Meccaniche SpA (Italy)
729. New Zealand Fasteners Stainless Ltd. (New Zealand)
730. Niagara Energy Products Corp. (Canada)
731. Nicolini Claudio Srl (Italy)
732. Niederhausen GmbH (Germany)
733. Ningbo Nanyang Valve Co., Ltd. (China)
734. Ningbo Zhiqing Group Co., Ltd. (China)
735. Ninnelt International GmbH (Germany)
736. NiroSan MultiFit Edelstahlleitungssysteme GmbH & Co., KG. (Germany)
737. Nitodan A/S (Denmark)
738. Nocado-Armaturenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
739. Nordkontakt A/S (Norway)
740. Normecanica SA (Spain)
741. Norske Ventiler AS (Norway)
742. Noton BV (The Netherlands)
743. Nova Comet Srl (Italy)
744. Nova Werke AG (Switzerland)
745. Noval Industriearmaturen GmbH (Germany)
746. Novaseptic France (France)
747. Novasfer Srl (Italy)
748. NSM A/S (Denmark)
749. Nu-Con Ltd. (New Zealand)
750. Nu-Con Systems Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
751. Numatics GmbH (Germany)
752. Nuova Coi Srl (Italy)
753. Nuova General Instruments Srl (Italy)
754. O.M.S. Saleri Srl (Italy)
755. O.M.T. Tartarini SpA (Italy)
756. Oasis Engineering Ltd. (New Zealand)
757. Officine Rigamonti SpA (Italy)
758. OHL Gutermuth Industriearmaturen GmbH (Germany)
759. Oil Control SpA (Italy)
760. OK International GmbH (Germany)
761. OK Kwang Engineering Co., Ltd. (Korea)
762. Okano Valve Mfg, Co. (Japan)
763. OKE Armaturen-Und Apparatebau GmbH (Germany)
764. Oldham Belgium SA (Belgium)
765. Oleodinamica LC Srl (Italy)
766. Olympic Pipeline Products Ltd. (United Kingdom)
767. Omal SpA (Italy)
768. OMB Valves SpA (Italy)
769. Omega Engineering, Inc. (USA)
Omega Engineering Ltd. (United Kingdom)
770. OMS Klaranlagen GmbH (Germany)
771. One Kang Ent Corp. (Taiwan)
772. OP Controls SpA (Italy)
773. ORAS Armatur A/S (Denmark)
774. Orbinoxsa (Spain)
775. OY AGA AB (Finland)
776. Pacific Controls Pty Ltd. (Australia)
777. Pacson Ltd. (United Kingdom)
778. Pamasol Willi Mader AG (Switzerland)
779. Pan Korea Metal Ind. Co., Ltd. (Korea)
780. Parcol SpA (Italy)
Parker Hannifin Corporation (USA)
Parker Hannifin (Australia) Pty., Limited (Australia)
Parker Hannifin (Parker Hannifin SA) (France)
Parker Hannifin AS (Norway)
Parker Hannifin Espaqa SA (Spain)
Parker Hannifin GmbH Geschaftsbereich Automation (Germany)
Parker Hannifin NV (Belgium)
Parker Hannifin Plc (United Kingdom)
Parker Hannifin SpA (Italy)
781. Parker Korea Ltd. (Korea)
782. Parker Lucifer SA (Switzerland)
783. PCC Flow Technologies (United Kingdom)
784. PC-Intertechnik GmbH Pneumatic-Center (Germany)
785. Peiter Olsen A/S (Denmark)
786. Pelizzoni Srl (Italy)
787. Penny & Giles Controls Ltd. (United Kingdom)
788. Pentair, Inc. (USA)
789. Perar SpA (Italy)
790. Pergola Srl (Italy)
791. Perkeo-Werk Gmbh+Co.Kg (Germany)
792. Perrin GmbH (Germany)
793. Peter Kroner GmbH (Germany)
794. Peter Smith Valve Co., Ltd. (United Kingdom)
795. Petrolvalves Srl (Italy)
796. Pfau Gmbh and Co. Prazisionsteile (Germany)
797. PhiTec AG (Switzerland)
798. Phoenix Hydraulic (United Kingdom)
799. Pibiviesse SpA (Italy)
800. Pietro Fiorentini SpA (Italy)
801. Pintossi+C SpA (Italy)
802. Pitco Srl (Italy)
803. Pixie Corporatie BV (The Netherlands)
804. PMP Precision Ind. Co., Ltd . (Taiwan)
805. Pneu-Hydro Products, Inc. (USA)
806. Pneumatiek-En Magneetventielen Versa (The Netherlands)
807. Pneumax SA (Spain)
Pneumax Sarl (France)
Pneumax SpA (Italy)
808. Polar-Ray Technology Corp (Taiwan)
809. Polytec Co., Ltd. (Korea)
810. Poong Sung Machinery Co. (Korea)
811. Posi-Flate (United Kingdom)
812. Poynton Valves Ltd. (United Kingdom)
813. Praxair, Inc. (USA)
raxair España SL (Spain)
raxair SAS (France)
814. Presreg Engineering Ltd. (United Kingdom)
815. Presto Iberica SA (Spain)
816. Pres-Vac A/S (Denmark)
817. Priden Engineering Ltd. (United Kingdom)
818. Proagria A/S (Denmark)
819. Process Control GmbH Regel-Und Maschinentechnik (Germany)
820. Procon International Ltd. (United Kingdom)
821. Prokosch Pumpen Und Armaturen Gmbh (Germany)
822. Proteus Fittings Ltd. (United Kingdom)
823. PSA Armaturen (Germany)
824. Pumpenboese GmbH + Co. KG (Germany)
825. Puroflow Incorporated (USA)
826. Pyropress Engineering Company Limited (United Kingdom)
827. QTech Data Systems Limited (New Zealand)
828. Qualvala Mfg Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
829. R.B. R. Valvole SpA (Italy)
830. R.T. Valvole Industriali Srl (Italy)
831. Raccorfer Snc (Italy)
832. Racores Y Arandelas Condal SA (Spain)
833. Rapa Rausch & Pausch Elektrotechnische Spezialfabrik GmbH (Germany)
834. Rastelli Raccordi Srl (Italy)
835. Rastelli Rubinetterie SpA (Italy)
836. RBP-Powersystems GmbH (Germany)
837. Realm Products Ltd (UK)
838. Recoval SL (Spain)
839. Red Valve Co., Inc. (USA)
840. Reductores Ref SL (Spain)
841. Regtrol, Inc. (USA)
842. Reich GmbH (Germany)
843. Reichelt Chemietechnik GmbH + Co. (Germany)
844. Reineke Mess-Und Regeltechnik Gmbh (Germany)
845. Reinh. Quiter GmbH (Germany)
846. Rek & Beerts SA-NV (Belgium)
847. Reliance Water Controls, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
848. Reliance Worldwide, Ltd. (New Zealand)
849. RE-ON LAS Lastechniek BV (Netherlands)
850. Rheinauer Maschinen-Und Armaturenbau Aulhaber & Truttenbach KG. (Germany)
851. Richards Industries (USA)
852. Rickmeier GmbH (Germany)
853. Riolo, Snc (F.Lli & C.) (Italy)
854. Risbridger, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
855. Risso Eno Trade Company, Srl (Italy)
856. RITAG Ritterhuder Armaturen GmbH & Co. (Germany)
857. Riva Calzoni Impianti, Srl (Italy)
858. Rizzato Inox, SpA (Italy)
859. Rizzio Valvole, SpA (Italy)
860. Robbins & Myers, Inc. (USA)
861. Robert Cort, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
862. Robert James Sales, Inc. (USA)
863. Robert Manufacturing Company (USA)
864. Robinetterie R. Hammel S.A. (France)
865. Robinex Ag (Switzerland)
866. Roca Radiadores SA (Spain)
867. Roigk GmbH & Co. (Germany)
868. Rolf Heun Mess-, Pruf-Und Regeltechnik GmbH (Germany)
869. Ropasan Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
870. Roper Industries, Inc. (USA)
871. Rossweiner Armatures And Measuring Instruments GmbH & Co., OHG (Germany)
872. Rota Val, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
873. Rotary Nozzle International SA (Belgium)
874. Rotelmann GmbH (Germany)
875. Rotex GmbH Metall-Und Kunststofftechnik (Germany)
876. Rovel Srl (Italy)
877. RTG Regelungstechnik GmbH (Germany)
878. Rubinetteria Carlo Poletti Snc (Italy)
879. Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi SpA (Italy)
880. Rubinetterie Paracchini Srl (Italy)
881. Rubinetterie Pietro Ravani (Italy)
882. Rubinetterie Utensilerie Bonomi, Srl (Italy)
883. Rubinetterie Vanzini SNC (Italy)
884. Rubival Inox Srl (Italy)
885. Rudolf Von Scheven GmbH Armaturenfabrik Und Apparatebau (Germany)
886. SCG (Thailand) Co., Ltd (Thailand).
887. S.I.R.C.A. International Srl (Italy)
888. S.R. Rubinetterie Srl (Italy)
889. S.S.T. Schuttguttechnik GmbH (Germany)
890. Saacke GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
891. SAFI-Deutschland Kunststoffarmaturen-Vertriebs GmbH (Germany)
Safi Ltd (UK).
892. Sam Yang Comprehensive Valve Co., Ltd. (Republic of South Korea)
893. Samar Di Panzeri A. & C. Srl (Italy)
894. Samho, Corp. (Korea)
895. Samson AG (Germany)
Samson Regeltechniek BV (The Netherlands)
Samson SA (France)
Samson SA (France)
Samson SA-NV (Belgium)
896. Sandvik GmbH Geschaftsbereich Hard Materials (Germany)
897. Sasakura Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan)
898. Sauer-Danfoss (Nordborg) A/S (Denmark)
899. Sava Srl (Italy)
900. Saval De Válvulas SA (Spain)
901. Scana Industrier Asa (Norway)
902. Scanmatic AB (Sweden)
903. Schaffer Verfahrenstechnik GmbH (Germany)
904. Schell Gmbh & Co. Kg Armaturentechnologie (Germany)
905. Schlafer GmbH + Co. (Germany)
906. Schlosser Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
907. Schoneberg Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
908. Schrader SA (United Kingdom)
909. Schroedahl-Arapp Spezialarmaturen GmbH & CO. Kg (Germany)
910. Schuf Armaturen Und Apparatebau GmbH (Germany)
911. Schunk UK, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
912. Schwer Fittings GmbH (Germany)
913. Screwtec Metal Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
914. Scriba Armaturen GmbH (Germany)
915. Seetru, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
916. Segault SA (France)
917. Seitron Srl (Italy)
918. Sempress Pneumatik Siehe: Parker Hannifin GmbH (Germany)
919. Senior Aerospace Ermeto Sas (France)
920. Seppelfricke Armaturen GmbH and Co. (Gelsenkirchen)
921. Serrano Delgado Y Cia. S.L. (Spain)
922. Seut Industrier AS (Norway)
923. Severn Glocon, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
924. Seybert & Rahier GmbH + Co. Betriebs-Kg (Germany)
925. Sfb Schwдbische Formdrehteile Gmbh And Co. Kg Mit Dem Unternehmensbereich Vab Ventil-Und Anlagenbau (Germany)
926. Shaanxi Qinchuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd. (China)
927. Shako Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
928. Shanghai Dadonghai Store Valve & Pipe Parts Co., Ltd. (China)
929. Shanghai Daizan Precision Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (China)
930. Shanghai Donghai Pump & Valve Co., Ltd. (China)
931. Shanghai Flow Valve & Fitting Co., Ltd. (China)
932. Shanghai Huatong Valves Co., Ltd. (China)
933. Shanghai Karon Valves Machinery Co., Ltd. (China)
934. Shanghai Lianggong KVC Valve Co., Ltd. (China)
935. Shanghai Liangong Valves Mfg Co., Ltd. (China)
936. Shanghai Meilong Valves Industrial, Co. (China)
937. Shanghai Neles-jamesbury Valve Co., Ltd. (China)
938. Shanghai Pacific Valves Mfg. Co., Ltd. (China)
939. Shanghai Petrochemical Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (China)
940. Shanghai Shanghua Valves Co., Ltd (China).
941. Shanghai Shante Valves Co., Ltd. (China)
942. Shanghai Tianping Automobile Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (China)
943. Shanghai Tonghua Antiseptic Pump & Valve Co., Ltd. (China)
944. Shanghai Wanquan Pumps & Valves Co., Ltd. (China)
945. Shanghai Yuandong High & Medium Pressure Valves Co., Ltd. (China)
946. Shanghai Zhengfeng Valves Mfg. Co., Ltd. (China)
947. Shanghai Zhongsheng Valves Mfg. Co., Ltd. (China)
948. Sheardown Engineering, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
949. Shin Ichi Ind Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
950. Shin Woo Industrial Co. Ltd (Korea)
951. Shipham & Co., Ltd. (United Kingdom)
952. SI Tech AB (Sweden)
953. Siebeck-Bitter GmbH (Germany)
954. Siemens AG (Germany)
Siemens Building Technologies A/S (Denmark)
Siemens VDO Automotive AG (Germany)
955. Siepmann-Werke GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
956. Sikla Austria Gesmbh (Austria)
957. Simplex Wilfer GmbH & Co. (Germany)
958. SINIS Umwelttechnik GmbH (Germany)
959. SIRAI Elettromeccanica, Srl (Italy)
960. SITEK-Palvelu OY (Finland)
961. Slanggrossisten Ekonil AB (Sweden)
962. SM Steinsvik Maskinindustri AS (Norway)
963. Smart Valve Controls (United Kingdom)
964. SMC Corp. (Japan)
SMC Pneumatics (UK) Ltd. (United Kingdom)
SMC Pneumatique SA (France)
965. Snap-Tite Europe BV (Ireland)
966. Sobime, SA (Spain)
967. Società Veneta Stampaggio S.r.l. (Italy)
968. Société Commerciale Mécanique Et Technique (France)
969. Somagep (France)
970. Somas AS (Norway)
971. Somatherm SA (France)
972. Sommer & StraЯburger Edelstahlarmaturen GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
973. Song Ho Ind Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
974. Sцrberg Produktion AB (Sweden)
975. Specialty and Ball Valve Engineering, Inc. (USA)
976. Speck-Triplex-Pumpen GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany)
977. Spirax Sarco, Inc. (USA)
Spirax Sarco (Thailand) Limited (Thailand)
Spirax Sarco Pty. Limited (Australia)
Spirax-Sarco Limited (UK)
978. Spuhr Apparatebau GmbH (Germany)
979. SPX Corporation (USA)
Daniel Valve Company (USA)
980. Stacke Metallarmatur AB (Sweden)
981. Stahl-Armaturen Persta GmbH (Germany)
982. Standard Hidraulica, SA (Spain)
983. Stansted Fluid Power Ltd. (United Kingdom)
984. Star Hydraulics Ltd. (United Kingdom)
985. Starline SpA (Italy)
986. Status Hydraulics, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
987. Stauff Corporation Pty Ltd. (Australia)
988. Stedo-Sanitar-GmbH (Germany)
989. Stein-Kugelventil GmbH (Germany)
990. Sterling Industries PLC (United Kingdom)
991. Stolco Stoltenberg-Lerche GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
992. Stonel & Imtex Controls Ltd. (United Kingdom)
993. Sulzer Pumps (Switzerland)
994. Sunvic Controls, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
995. Sunwon Valve Co., Ltd. (Korea)
996. Suttner GmbH & Co. Kg (Germany)
997. Swegon GmbH (Germany)
998. Syltone UK Ltd. (United Kingdom)
999. T&P, SpA (Italy)
1000. T.A. G., Snc (Italy)
1001. T.D.S., SpA
1002. TAC GmbH Control Systems (Germany)
1003. Tadeval S.L. (Spain)
1004. Tae Sung Co., Ltd . (Korea)
1005. Taiwan Sun Long Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
1006. Talleres Macasa, SA (Spain)
1007. Talleres Mecanicos Manterola S.L (Spain)
1008. Tartarini Auto SpA (Italy)
1009. Taylor-Wharton Harsco GmbH (Germany)
1010. TD Preece & Co. Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
1011. Tea Inox, Srl (Italy)
1012. Techap GmbH (Germany)
1013. Techmark GmbH (Germany)
1014. Tecnicas THCA, S.L (Spain)
1015. Tecninox, Srl (Italy)
1016. Tecnomatic, SpA (Italy)
1017. Tecnopex, Srl (Italy)
1018. Tecnovielle SpA (Italy)
1019. Tecos Industrie-Und Gebaudeautomation GmbH (Germany)
1020. Tecval S.L. (Spain)
1021. Teddington Controls, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
1022. Tekmatic, Srl (Italy)
1023. Telvent (Spain)
1024. Temper Clima SA (Spain)
1025. Terminales Hidraulicos Salpe S.L. (Spain)
1026. Tescom Corporation . (United Kingdom)
1027. Textron, Inc. (USA)
1028. The Metraflex, Co. (USA)
1029. Mtheodor Heimeier Metallwerk Gmbh & Co. Kg (Germany)
1030. Thermopanel AB (Sweden)
1031. Thies Armatur GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
1032. Thomas Magnete GmbH (Germany)
1033. Thompson Valves Ltd. FCX (United Kingdom)
1034. Tianjin Fisher Controls Valve Co., Ltd. (China)
1035. Till Hydraulik GmbH & CO. KG (Germany)
1036. Timmer-Pneumatik GmbH (Germany)
1037. Toa Valve Company, Ltd. (Japan)
1038. Todo AB (Sweden)
1039. Tomal AB (Sweden)
1040. Tomkins Plc (United Kingdom)
1041. Tomoe Valve Limited (United Kingdom)
1042. Tormene Gas Technology SpA (Italy)
1043. Tour & Andersson Hydronics BV (The Netherlands)
1044. Transnordic, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
1045. Tre Effe Forniture Idrauliche Industriali, Srl (Italy)
1046. Treloar Group Pty. Limited (Australia)
1047. Trio Perfekta AB (Sweden)
1048. Triplus Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
1049. Truma Gerдtetechnik GmbH & Co. Kg (Germany)
1050. Tuchenhagen GmbH (Germany)
1051. Tungum Hydraulics Ltd. (United Kingdom)
1052. Tuxor, SpA (Italy)
1053. Tyco International, Ltd. (Bermuda)
Keystone Valve (Europe) BV (The Netherlands)
Keystone Valve (Korea) Ltd. (Korea)
Keystone Valves (UK) Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Tyco Flow Control (USA)
Tyco Water Pty Ltd. (Australia)
Tyco Valves and Controls Distribution GmbH (Germany)
Italia Tyco Valves and Controls Srl (Italy)
Tyco Water Plastic Pipeline Systems (Australia)
1054. Tycon Technoglass, SpA (Italy)
1055. Tylok International, Inc. (USA)
1056. Tytronics Pty Ltd. (Australia)
1057. Ty Valve Corporation (Korea)
1058. UCC GmbH (Germany)
1059. Uft Umwelt-Und Fluid-Technik Dr. H. Brombach GmbH (Germany)
1060. Ulka S.r.l. (Italy)
1061. Ulricehamns Varme-Elektronik AB (Sweden)
1062. Ulr

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