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DateFeb, 2006
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Countries covered: Global

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Paints in Millions of Gallons and Millions of US$. The major product segments analyzed are Architectural Paints (Interior Architectural Paints and Exterior Architectural Paints), Aerosol Paints, Automotive Paints, Industrial Paints, Marine Paints, and Traffic Marking Paints. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle East, and Latin America. Annual forecasts are provided for each region and product segment for the period of 2001 through 2010. A ten-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets with annual market analytics. The report profiles 1541 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Akzo Nobel N.V., Asian Paints (India) Ltd., BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Benjamin Moore & Co., Imperial Chemical Industries Plc, Kansai Paint Co., Ltd, Nippon Paint Co., Ltd, PPG Industries, Inc, Polifarb Cieszyn - Wroclaw SA, The Sherwin-Williams Company, and Valspar Corporation.

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Table of contents:


1. Paints-An Introduction
2. Industry Overview
Regional Perspective
Paints-A Classification
Architectural Paints
Marine Paints
Industrial Paints
Highway and Traffic Markings
Aerosol Paints
3. Trends and Issues in the Global Paints Industry
Consolidation-A Panacea for all Ills?
Benefits for End-Users
The Road Ahead
Does the Fate of Smaller Companies Hang in Balance?
Globalization in the Paints Industry
Web Presence: Important Ingredient for Success
Environmental Legislation-Paints Industry Comes Under Close Scrutiny
4. Product Launches/Developments
ICI Paints Unveils New Paint Line
Nippon and Mazda Instigates Electrodeposition Paint
Sherwin-Williams Unveils Stain-Resistant Paint
Tianjin Beacon Introduces Depainting Reagent
Wuhan Research Institute Develops Antirust Decoration Paint
PPG Launches New Line of Architectural Paints
Asian Paints Launches Elastomeric
BASF Plans to Expand Volatile Organic Compound-Compliant Line
Jiangsu Taizhou Gintin Construction Development Co Develops Non-Toxic Nanometer
Emulsion Paint
Hale-Stephenson Develops Piezoelectric Paint
Krylon Launches New Line of Spray Paints
Unicem Paints Launches Shakti Waterproof Cement
Berger Paints India Launches Jadoo Brand
Resene Paints Launches Range 2002
Akzo Nobel Relaunches Berger Brand in UK
OPAL Range of Premium Polyurethane Wood Finishes from Asian Paints
New range of Decorative Paints from Dulux
Blackfriar Rolls Out Blackfriar Super Active Paint and Varnish Removers
5. Recent Industry Activity
Kemira Acquires KRASKI TEKS
Materis Takes Over Zolpan
Tikkurila Acquires Tex
Advent to Purchase Stake in Dufa Romania
Pratt & Lambert Signs an Agreement with Colonial Williamsburg
Berger Paints to Team Up with Foreign Players
Kansai Increases Stake in Goodlass Nerolac
Nippon to Construct New Facility
BASF Builds Production Unit in Russia
Jotun Paints to Step into Indian Market
Shalimar Plans Capacity Expansion
Asian Paints to Expand Overseas Business
Berger Increases Production Volume
Cosorcio Comex Acquires Professional Paint
NOF Corp of Japan Intends to Supply Anti-Corrosive Paints for Car Components
Comex and PPI Announce Merger Agreement
Asian Paints Plans Capacity Expansion
Asian Paints Acquires Taubmans Ltd
Asian Paints Plans to Establishes Manufacturing Unit in Pondicherry
Suvinil Plans New Facility
Asian Paints (India) Acquires Berger International
Akzo on Paints Acquisition Spree in Europe
Asian Paints (India) Acquires SCIB
Professional Paint Plans to Acquire Jones-Blair Co
Akzo Nobel Ups Stake in Vivechrom
Asian Paints Forms Joint Ventures with Confidence Cement
Duron Paints & Wallcoverings Enters into Marketing Alliance with Professional Paint
Atofina Plans to Sell Off SigmaKalon Paints Business
Valspar Corp. Plans to Shut Down Fort Wayne Plant
Cognis Patents Paint with UV Protection and Fungicides
West Bengal Plans to Establish Paints Testing Facility
Duron Acquires Costigan Paints
Sherwin-Williams Acquires Mautz Paint
Becker Acquires Blancomme
Buckingham Paints Acquires Philip Johnstone
Patrick and Mark Lauber Acquire Harrison Paint
Mega Antusias Acquires Stake in Danapaints Indonesia
ICI Paints Acquires Paint Stores of Grandes Pinturerias del Centro
Tikkurila Acquires Alcro-Beckers
Sico to Take Over Bentonel Ltd
Berkshire Hathaway Acquires Benjamin Moore
Berger Paints Acquires 50% Stake in ICI Motor & Industries (ICI M&I)
Mays Chemical Forms a Joint Venture with Red Spot Paint & Varnish
Duron Paints Partners with TruServ
Tnemec Strikes a Deal with Halosource
B&Q Teams Up with Tate
Shalimar Paints Enters into Agreement with Fluid Management and Crenova
Samhwa Paints Enters into Distribution Agreement with BASF
Sherwin-Williams Plans to Offer Martha Stewart Brand Across the US
Harris Paints Establishes New Plant in St Lucia
DAW France Plans to Establish Manufacturing and Storage Plant in Amiens
Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings Plans to Establish Aerospace Color Center
Duga Paints & Varnishes Plans to Establish Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India
ICI Restructures Operations to Form Deco France
Akzo Nobel Deco Upgrades Paints Plant in Cologne
Asian Paints (India) Launches Home Solutions
PPG Industries Acquires Monarch Paint
Asian Paints (India) Ltd Acquires Pacific Paints Unit
Tikkurila Paints Establishes Paint Plant in Russia
ThermaCell Closes its Subsidiary
6. Focus on Select Key Players
Akzo Nobel N.V. (The Netherlands)
Asian Paints (India) Ltd. (India)
BASF Aktiengesellschaft (Germany)
Benjamin Moore & Co. (USA)
Imperial Chemical Industries Plc (UK)
Kansai Paint Co. Ltd. (Japan)
Nippon Paint Co. Ltd. (Japan)
PPG Industries, Inc. (USA)
Polifarb Cieszyn-Wroclaw SA (Poland)
The Sherwin-Williams Company (USA)
Valspar Corporation (USA)
7. Global Market Perspective

1. The United States
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
Factors Affecting Architectural Paints Market
Direction of Environmental Legislation
Trend Towards Globalization
Shrinking Margins for Paint Manufacturers
Pentagon Gets Non-VOC Paint
Efforts in the US to Save Environment
2001: A Weak Year for Consolidation
Paint Contractors: Driving Architectural Paints
Major Issues Impacting the Market
Environmental Legislation Regarding VOCs
Provisions of the Rule
Exceptions to the Rule
Who Comes Under the Purview of the Rule?
Ramifications of the Rule
Product Launches
Recent Industry Activity
Related Market-An Overview
Automotive Touch-up Paints
Focus on Select US Players
Benjamin Moore & Co.
PPG Industries, Inc.
The Sherwin-Williams Company
The Valspar Corporation
B. Market Analytics
2. Canada
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
3. Japan
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
Key Players in Japanese Paints Industry
Focus on Select Japanese Players
Chugoku Marine Paints
Dai Nippon Toryo
Kansai Paint Co. Ltd.
Nippon Paint Co. Ltd.
B. Market Analytics
4. Europe
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
European Union Proposes New VOC Limits
Economic Impact of New Proposal
Product Launches
Recent Industry Activity
B. Market Analytics
4A. France
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
Recent Industry Activity
B. Market Analytics
4B. Germany
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
Hanover Scientists Developing Marine Antifouling Paint
Product Launch
Focus on Select Player
BASF Aktiengesellschaft
B. Market Analytics
4c. Italy
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
4d. The United Kingdom
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
Product Launch/Development
Recent Industry Activity
Focus on Select Player
Imperial Chemical Industries Plc
B. Market Analytics
4e. Spain
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
4f. Russia
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
4g. Rest of Europe
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
The Netherlands Paints Market: Import-Export Scenario of 2000
Ukraine Paints Market
Focus on Select Players
Akzo Nobel N.V. (The Netherlands)
Jotun Paints (Norway)
Polifarb Cieszyn-Wroclaw SA (Poland)
B. Market Analytics
5. Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
Product Launches
Recent Industry Activity
B. Market Analytics
5A. Australia
A. Market Analysis
Australian Paints Market: A Historic Overview
Antifouling Paints Tested in Australia
B. Market Analytics
5B. China
A. Market Analysis
Chinese Paints Industry
Green Paints: Catching Up with Conventional Paints
B. Market Analytics
5c. India
A. Market Analysis
Indian Paints Industry: An Introduction
Key Players in the Indian Market
Focus on Select Indian Players
Asian Paints (India) Ltd.
Berger Paints India Ltd.
Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd.
ICI India Ltd.
Snowcem India Ltd
B. Market Analytics
5d. South Korea
Market Analysis
5e. Taiwan
Market Analysis
5f. Thailand
Market Analysis
5g. Rest of Asia-Pacific
Market Analysis
6. Middle East
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
B. Market Analytics
6A. Israel
Market Analysis
6B. Saudi Arabia
Market Analysis
6c. UAE
Market Analysis
6d. Kuwait
Market Analysis
6e. Rest of Middle East
Market Analysis
7. Latin America
A. Market Analysis
Current & Future Analysis
Historic Review
Recent Industry Activity
B. Market Analytics
7A. Argentina
Market Analysis
7B. Brazil
Market Analysis
7c. Mexico
Market Analysis
7d. Rest of Latin America
Market Analysis

1. Aarolac AG (Switzerland)
2. AB Rotmotaverken (Sweden)
3. AB Wilh Becker (Sweden)
Becker Acroma AB (Sweden)
Becker Acroma Ltd. (UK)
Becker Acroma Oy Ab (Finland)
Becker Acroma Spol. s r.o (Czech Republic)
AS Becker Acroma (Norway)
4. ACCA SpA (Italy)
5. Acheson Colloids Co. (UK)
6. Acolor S.R.O (Czech Republic)
7. Adbruf Ltd (UK)
8. Adda Byggkjemi AS (Norway)
9. Adicolor Srl (Italy)
10. Adolf Wagner GmbH (Germany)
11. Advance Paint & Chemical (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
12. Aebi + Co.Lackfarben AG (Switzerland)
13. AECI Ltd. (South Africa)
14. Aerolub (France)
15. Aeropak A/S (Denmark)
16. Aerospheres (UK) Ltd. (UK)
17. Aexcel Corporation (USA)
18. Agripax (France)
19. Agrippa Paints (New Zealand)
20. Air Tech Coatings, Inc. (USA)
21. Aisver, Srl (Italy)
22. Akemi Chem.-Techn. Spezialfabrik Erich Hvntsch GmbH (Germany)
23. Akron Paint & Varnish, Inc. (USA)
24. Aksil S.C (Poland)
25. Akzo Nobel NV (The Netherlands)
Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings, Inc (USA).
Akzo Nobel Coatings GmbH (Austria)
Akzo Nobel Deco International AB (Sweden)
Akzo Nobel Decorative Coatings Ltd. (UK)
Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings Powder Snc (France)
kzo Nobel Nippon Paint GmbH Lackfabrik (Germany)
Akzo Nobel Pty Limited (Australia)
26. Alberto Mora Galiana SA (Spain)
27. Albesiano Sisa Vernici Srl (Italy)
28. ALCEA, Srl (Azienda Lombarda Colori E Affini) (Italy)
29. Aldcroft Adhesives Ltd. (UK)
30. Aldem SA (France)
31. Alexis-Colour (Russian Federation)
32. Alfred Hodt Korrosionsschutz GmbH (Germany)
33. Algalite (Italy)
34. Alita Group Sarl (Lebanon)
35. All Chemie Belgium NV (Belgium)
36. Alocit International Ltd (UK).
37. Alpstroy Ltd. (Belarus)
38. Alsecco Bauchemische Produkte GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
39. Altex Coatings Limited (New Zealand)
40. Alural Belgium NV (Belgium)
41. Am3 Paints Co. SARL (Lebanon)
42. Amalie Petroqummica SA (Spain)
43. American Durafilm Co., Inc. (USA)
44. Ami Pigments Pvt., Ltd. (India)
45. Amitek SA (South Africa)
46. Amlac Limited (South Africa)
47. Amstutz-Produkte AG (Switzerland)
48. Andrews Coatings Ltd. (UK)
49. Angi SrL (Italy)
50. Anglia Rustguard Ltd. (UK)
51. Anticor SA (Moldova)
52. Anton Andre Sohn GmbH (Germany)
53. Api SpA (Italy)
54. Appolo Color World Pigment Co. Ltd (Thailand).
55. Aqua Marine Chemicals Ltd. (UK)
56. Aqualine (Coatings) Ltd. (UK)
57. Aquasurtech UK Ltd. (UK)
58. Arabian Danish Paint Company Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
59. Arandee Industries Ltd. (New Zealand)
60. Arch Chemicals, Inc. (USA)
61. Archco-Rigidon Ltd. (UK)
62. Arcol Snc (Italy)
63. Ard Fratelli Raccanello SpA (Italy)
64. Arizona Chemical SA (France)
65. Ark Chimi Paint Mfg (Iran)
66. Armacoatings (North West) Ltd. (UK)
67. Armourclad Coatings (UK)
68. Arne B. Daniels (Norway)
69. Aron, Sas (Di Roncallo Angela & C.) (Italy)
70. Arostal Norddeutsche Lackfabrik Max Lichtenberg GmbH & Co (Germany)
71. Arsalin Oy (Finland)
72. Artel Ltd. (Ukraine)
73. Artex-Rawlplug Ltd. (UK)
74. Aschaffenburger Lack-und Farbenfabrik Dr. Wilhelm Kohlhaus GmbH & Co. (Germany)
75. Aschim SA (Moldova)
76. Asfaltex Construccisn SA (Spain)
77. Asian Paints (India) Ltd. (India)
Berger Paints (India) Ltd. (India)
78. Asturlak SL (Spain)
79. Atef Abou-Mrad & Frhres (Lebanon)
80. Atlantic Industria Vernici SRL
81. Atn Diffusion LPF SA (Switzerland)
82. Attiva Colorificio, SpA (Italy)
83. AURO Pflanzenchemie AG (Germany)
84. Auson AB (Sweden)
85. Autopaints (South Wales) Ltd. (UK)
86. Avor NV (Belgium)
87. Axim Italia SpA (Switzerland)
88. Axter Ltd. (UK)
89. Aypro SA (Spain)
90. Azimut SRL (Italy)
91. Bailey Paints Limited (UK)
92. Baldini Vernici SpA (Italy)
93. Bancroft Ltd. (UK)
94. Bangkok China Paint Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
95. Bao-Chemie GmbH & Co. Chemische Fabrik Kg (Germany).
96. Barentz Grondstoffen BV (The Netherlands)
97. Barham Manufacturing Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
98. BASF Aktiengesellschaft (Germany)
BASF Coatings AG (Germany)
BASF Corporation (USA)
BASF Antwerpen NV (Belgium)
BASF Coatings Refinish Ltd. (UK)
BASF Osterreich GesmbH (Austria)
BASF Shanghai Coatings Co. Ltd. (China)
99. Basler Lacke AG (Switzerland)
100. Basso Ryland Azienda Vernici Affini B. r.A. v.A. , Srl (Italy)
101. Baufan Bauchemie Leipzig GmbH (Germany)
102. Bay Plastics Ltd (UK).
103. Beeck'sche Farbwerke Beeck GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
104. BEHR Process Corporation (USA)
105. Behzist Sanaye Chemical (Iran)
106. Beijing Aosen Zhongli Chemical Co. Ltd (China).
107. Beijing Chemical Industrial (Group) Corporation (China)
108. Beltraco (The Netherlands)
109. Beneco, Sarl (Algeria)
110. Benjamin Moore & Co (USA).
111. Bergen Malingfabrikk AS (Norway)
112. Bergners Fargcenter AB Fargtema (Sweden)
113. Berlac AG (Switzerland)
114. Berlack Strassenmarkierungsfarben GmbH (Germany)
115. Berlin co. Ltd (Taiwan).
116. Bernardo Ecenarro SA (Spain)
117. Bernol Fargindustri AB (Sweden)
118. Besta Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
119. Beta Oils BVBA (Belgium)
120. Bevepe Bvba (BVP.) (Belgium)
121. Bichemie Coatings BV (The Netherlands)
122. Bigmat Tevisa SA (The Netherlands)
123. Binalood Paint & Resin Mfg (Iran)
124. Binné & Sohn GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
125. BIOFA-Naturprodukte W. Hahn GmbH (Germany)
126. Biopol Paints SRO (Czech Republic)
127. Bito Aktiengesellschaft (Germany)
128. Bitocolor Eberswalde GmbH (Germany)
129. Bitum Petrochemical Industries Ltd. (Israel)
130. Bitumastic (S.F.B.) (France)
131. Bitumat Company Limited (Saudi Arabia)
132. Bituminous Products Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
133. BK Chimie Sarl (Algeria)
134. Blanchon SA (France)
135. Blancolor (France)
136. Blastreat (Arundel) Ltd. (UK)
137. BM Pacific Ltd. (New Zealand)
138. Boat Boero Attiva SpA (Italy)
139. Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH Holdinggesellschaft (Germany)
140. Boero Colori SRL (Italy)
141. Bohme AG (Switzerland)
142. Bollig & Kemper GmbH & Co., Kg. (Germany)
143. BonaKemi AB (Sweden)
144. Bonalin GmbH (Germany)
145. Bonnabaud SA (France)
146. Bonyan Rang Paint Mfg (Iran)
147. Bordo Ltd. (Ukraine)
148. Boreflex Ltd. (UK)
149. Bornit-Werk Aschenborn GmbH (Germany)
150. Boss Paints NV (Belgium)
151. Bosshard + Co.AG Lack-und Farbenfabrik (Switzerland)
152. Bostik Findley Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
153. Boustead Sissons Paints Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
154. BR Beate Rentzsch (Germany)
155. Bradite Paints Ltd. (UK)
156. Branth-Chemie A. V. Branth (Germany)
157. Brillux GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
158. Brinlay Paints Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
159. Britannia Paints Ltd (UK).
160. Brocolor Lackfabrik GmbH (Germany)
161. Brohl-Chemie GmbH (Germany)
162. Brunox AG (Switzerland)
163. Brymore SA (Italy)
164. Bubenhofer Ag KARL (Switzerland)
165. Bugshan International Group (Saudi Arabia)
166. Bulcolour Jsc (Bulgaria)
167. Burcharths Farve-& Lakfabrik A/S (Denmark)
168. Busch & Co. Hanns Seifert GmbH & Co. (Germany)
169. Butzbacher Farbenfabrik GmbH (Germany)
170. Buzil-Werk Wagner GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
171. C. Brewer & Sons Limited (UK)
172. C. Hasse & sohn inh. E. Radecke GmbH & Co (Germany).
173. C.F. Colori, Impresa Individuale (Di Salvini Claudio) (Italy)
174. C.I.V., Snc (Compagnia Italiana Vernici) (Italy)
175. C.P, Inc. (USA)
176. Cafco France (France)
177. Callington Haven Pty., Limited (Australia)
178. Cameleon Paints (Australia)
179. Camerini & C. S.r.l. (Italy)
180. Cameron Coatings Ltd. (UK)
181. Cami G.M.C (France)
182. Camrex Chugoku Ltd. (UK)
183. Candis SRL (Italy)
184. Cap Arreghini SpA (Italy)
185. Caparol Farben AG (Switzerland)
186. Capatex Ltd. (UK)
187. Cape Calsil Systems Ltd. (UK)
188. Captain Paint Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
189. Capton Creative Betong Kb (Sweden)
190. Caramba Chemie GmbH + Co., Kg (Germany).
191. Carboline Company (USA)
Carboline Korea Co., Ltd. (Korea)
Carboline Norge AS (Norway)
192. Carlos Grollo SA (Spain)
193. Carrs Paints Ltd. (UK)
194. Carver SRL (Italy)
195. Casabella Milano SRL (Italy)
196. Causeway Paints Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
197. Cauwet SA (France)
198. CCL Rapid-Spray GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
199. Celchi SRL (Italy)
200. Celledur lack-u. Farbenfabrik wilhelm pfeiffer GmbH + Co., Kg.(Germany)
201. Cellpack AG (Switzerland)
202. Central Paints Ind., Inc. (Taiwan)
203. Cerdec Italia SpA (Italy)
204. Cervera Sistemas De Pinturas SL (Spain)
205. Cetelon-Lackfabrik Walter Stier GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
206. CGC, Inc. (Canada)
207. CGM Inc (USA).
208. Chemco Manufacturing Co., Inc. (USA)
209. Chemcraft International, Inc. (Canada)
210. Chemetall SA (France)
211. Chemical Roadmaster Italia SAS (Italy)
212. Chemidry Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
213. Chemimax Christian Lьttichau Industrier AS (Norway)
214. Chemiplast SA (USA)
215. Chemische Fabrik Silicium GmbH (Germany)
216. Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH (Germany)
217. Chemisys Ltd. (New Zealand)
218. Chemline (Europe) Ltd. (UK)
219. Chemolak AS (Slovakia)
220. Chemopel Ltd. (Cyprus)
221. Chemox Ltd. (UK)
222. Chengdu Caixing Paint Industry Co., Ltd. (China)
223. Chengdu Dazhong Paints Co., Ltd. (China)
224. Chengdu Guotong Ind. Co., Ltd. (China)
225. Chevron Phillips Chemicals International NV (Belgium)
226. Chimcolor (Romania)
227. Chimester B. V. S.A. (Romania)
228. Chimica Vegra SRL (Italy)
229. Chimicolor (Algeria)
230. Chin Leong (CLP) Corporation Pte., Ltd (Singapore).
231. Chiraema SRL (Italy)
232. Cho Kwang Paint, Ltd (Korea).
233. Chokwang Jotun Ltd. (Korea)
234. Chroma Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
235. Chromolac SA (Greece)
236. Chrotex SA (Greece)
237. Chugoku Jenson & Nicholson Ltd (India).
238. Chugoku Marine Paints (S) Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (Japan)
Chugoku Paints BV (The Netherlands)
Chugoku-Samhwa Paints Ltd. (Korea)
239. Chung Pei Paint Ent Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
240. Cibicolor (Romania)
241. Cimadomo Peinture Industrielle (C.P.I.) (France)
242. Cin-Corporacao Industrial Do Norte SA (Portugal)
243. Cinkarna d.d. (Slovenia)
244. Cintech Industrial Coatings, Inc. (USA)
245. Citex Ltd. (UK)
246. Cleanosol AB (Sweden)
247. Clifton Adhesive, Inc. (USA)
248. Coachfinish (NI) Limited (UK)
249. Cocoon Holland BV (The Netherlands)
250. Codru SA (Moldova)
251. Cognis (France)
252. Colamina SA (Spain)
253. Colas Bauchemie GmbH (Germany)
254. Colfirmit Rajasil GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
255. Color d.d . (Slovenia)
256. Color Dec Italy SRL (Italy)
257. Colora PLC (Bulgaria)
258. Colores AG (Switzerland)
259. Colori Nutini SRL (Italy)
260. Colorificio Adriatico SRL (Italy)
261. Colorificio Arco SpA (Italy)
262. Colorificio Artigiano Ferrarese, Snc (Di Righetti) (Italy)
263. Colorificio Astrale, Snc (Di Riva Giovanni & C.) (Italy)
264. Colorificio Atria SRL (Italy)
265. Colorificio Baseggio SRL (Italy)
266. Colorificio Brandini SRL (Italy)
267. Colorificio Bresciano, Sas (Di Venturelli Arnaldo & F.) (Italy)
268. Colorificio Caf SRL(Italy)
269. Colorificio Casati SpA (Italy)
270. Colorificio Citran SRL (Italy)
271. Colorificio Colba SNC (Italy)
272. Colorificio Colven SNC. (Italy)
273. Colorificio Dagostini & C., SRL (Italy)
274. Colorificio Damiani SRL (Italy)
275. Colorificio Farp SRL (Italy)
276. Colorificio Federico Torre SpA (Italy)
277. Colorificio Filippa SRL (Italy)
278. Colorificio Italplastic, Impresa Individuale (Di Scioscia Ciro) (Italy)
279. Colorificio Lecchese SRL(Italy)
280. Colorificio M.P., Snc (Italy)
281. Colorificio Meridionale SRL(Italy)
282. Colorificio Migliavacca SRL (Italy)
283. Colorificio Militello SRL (Italy)
284. Colorificio Orobico SRL (Italy)
285. Colorificio Piccioni SRL (Italy)
286. Colorificio Pinochi, Snc (Italy)
287. Colorificio Plastiver SNC (Italy)
288. Colorificio Ri.Mar., Srl (Italy)
289. Colorificio Sammarinese SA
290. Colorificio Sebino SpA (Italy)
291. Colorificio Tirreno SpA (Italy)
292. Colorificio Val Pescara SRL (Italy)
293. Colorificio Zetagi SpA (Italy)
294. Colorine SA (Switzerland)
295. Colorlak AS (Czech Republic)
296. Colorobbia SpA (Italy)
297. Colorpack SRL (Italy)
298. ColorPoint Osby Kemi AB (Sweden)
299. Colorspol SRO (Czech Republic)
300. Colortech, Inc. (Canada)
301. Colortek Australia Pty., Ltd.
302. Colorzeta Due SRL (Italy)
303. Colours & Chemicals Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
304. Colt International (Schweiz) AG (Switzerland)
305. Comet Coatings (South Africa)
306. Compagnia Continentale S.C.E.A. R., Srl (Italy)
307. Concordal SARL (Algeria)
308. Condoroil Chemical, Srl (Italy)
309. Conren Ltd. (UK)
310. Consorzio Acquedotto Del Mignone, Consorzio (Italy)
311. Continental Products Co. (USA)
312. Copalin Chemical Industries (Egypt)
313. Coprox International (South Africa)
314. Corrocoat Ltd. (UK)
315. Corroless Northern Ltd. (UK)
316. Cosmal.ver., Srl (Colori Smalti Vernici) (Italy)
317. Cosmos Lac S.A (Greece)
318. Cosorcio Comex S.A DE C.V. Comex (Mexico)
319. Cotemac SL (Spain)
320. Couleurs Gerard Sarl (Luxembourg)
321. County Coating Ltd. (UK)
322. Coveco Italia SRL (Italy)
323. Covema Vernici SpA (Italy)
324. Coverit SRL (Italy)
325. Coverline SRL (Italy)
326. CP Italia SpA (Italy)
327. Craig & Rose PLC (UK)
328. Cray Valley SA (France)
329. CRC Industries, Inc. (USA)
CRC industries (Aus) Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
CRC Industries France (France)
330. Creanova Asia-Pacific Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
331. Credo International Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
332. Cromaresme SL (Spain)
333. CSL Silicones, Inc. (Canada)
334. Cuprinol Ltd. (UK)
335. Cuver SRL (Italy)
336. Cws-Lackfabrik GmbH & CO., KG. (Germany)
337. Dacral SA (France)
338. Dacrylate Paints Ltd. (UK)
339. Dahin Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
340. Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
341. Dainippon Ink And Chemicals, Inc (Japan).
342. Dairen Chemical Corporation (Taiwan)
343. Damar Industries Limited (New Zealand)
344. Damson Paint Linolab A/S (Denmark)
345. Dansoll-Biokemi A/S (Denmark)
346. Davis Paint Company (USA)
347. De Keyn Paint NV-SA (Belgium)
348. De Rem Lacke Farben GmbH (Germany)
349. De Vigili F.Lli, Snc (Italy)
350. Decoralwerke AG (Switzerland)
351. Decotric GmbH (Germany)
352. Decoupage, Emboutissage Du Sud-Ouest (D.E.M.S.O.) (France)
353. Dekro Paints (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
354. Delmachem SRL (Italy)
355. Deltaplast (Russian Federation)
356. Denas Color AS (Czech Republic)
357. Denber Israel Paints Ltd. (Israel)
358. Derivery SA (France)
359. Desi Devefa BV (The Netherlands)
360. Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke von Robert Murjahn KG (Germany)
361. Dexter Paints Ltd. (UK)
362. Di Maria Giuseppe SpA (Italy)
363. Di.Ve.Co., Srl (Italy)
364. Diamond Vogel Paints (USA)
365. Diasen SRL (Italy)
366. Dibco Sarl (Lebanon)
367. Dichem SRL (Italy)
368. Diessner GmbH & Co., Kg. Lack-Und Farbenfabrik (Germany)
369. Dip Seal Plastics, Inc. (USA)
370. Dixotec Paints Ltd. (UK)
371. Doherco (Spain)
372. Dolci, Snc (Di Mario Dolci & Figli) (Italy)
373. Dold AG (Switzerland)
374. Domcel Sp. Z O.O (Poland)
375. Donbon Paints Ind Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
376. Dongguan Lilly Paint Industries Ltd. (China)
377. Dothee SA (Belgium)
378. DPI Co., Ltd. (Korea)
DPI Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
379. Dr. Albert Lauber KG (Germany)
380. Dr. Kohl GmbH & Cie (Germany)
381. Dracholin GmbH (Germany)
382. Dreampia Co., Ltd. (Korea)
383. Drenth Verven BV (The Netherlands)
384. Dresdner Lackfabrik FEIDAL GmbH (Germany)
385. Dryvit Systeusa (Europe) SP. Z O.O (Poland)
386. DSM N.V. (The Netherlands)
DSM NeoResins (USA)
387. Dulimex AG (Switzerland)
388. Dunn-Edwards Corporation (USA)
389. Duracoat Powder Manufacturing, Inc. (Canada)
390. Dur-A-Flex, Inc. (USA)
391. Duralex Paints (Australia)
392. Duram Products (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
393. Duraval SA (Spain)
394. Durobond Northern (Paints & Lacquers) (Australia)
395. Duron, Inc. (USA)
396. DWI, Dermabit Waterproofing Industries Co., Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
397. Dycon Ltd. (Ireland)
398. Dyrup AS (Denmark)
399. E. I. Dupont De Nemours And Company (USA)
Du Pont De Nemours SAS (France)
Du Pont Iberica SL (Spain)
Dupont Australia Ltd. (Australia)
Dupont-Toa Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
400. E.G. Berberi Frhres Sarl (Lebanon)
401. Earnshaw Specialist Coatings Ltd. (UK)
402. East Midland Coatings Ltd. (UK)
403. Eastman Chemical Company (USA)
404. Eberhard Faber GmbH (Germany)
405. Eclatin AG (Switzerland)
406. Ecopolifix SRL (Italy)
407. Eco-Sud Enduits & Colles Du Sud SARL (Algeria)
408. Ecoval (France)
409. Edil Nova SRL (Italy)
410. Edil Riv SRL (Italy)
411. Edilchimica SRL (Italy)
412. Ehrismann AG ROB (Switzerland)
413. Eigen & Steingass GmbH & CO., KG (Germany).
414. Einza Lackfabrik GmbH (Germany)
415. Elchemco Spol SRO (Czech Republic)
416. Elcrom SRL (Italy)
417. Eldekor Lackfabrik GmbH (Germany)
418. ELF Bitumen Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
419. Elite Surface Coatings (UK)
420. Emailchim Jsc (Bulgaria)
421. Emalux Ltd. (Ireland)
422. Emder Dachpappenfabrik Arthur Hille GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
423. Emil Frei GmbH & Co., Lackfabrik Doggingen (Germany)
424. Emplás Tintas E Vernizes Lda (Portugal)
425. Empresa AGA, SA DE CV (Portugal)
426. Emultex SL (Spain)
427. Emusol Products Ltd. (UK)
428. Enap Entreprise Nationale Des Peintures SpA (Algeria)
429. Encon Insulation Ltd. (UK)
430. Engwall & Claesson AB (Sweden)
431. Enke-Werk Johannes Enke KG (Germany)
432. Enna Aerosols BV (The Netherlands)
433. Entreprise Xavier Laine (France)
434. Epifanes North America, Inc (USA).
435. Epomix SL (Spain)
436. Epoxy Products Ltd. (UK)
437. Erb AG (Switzerland)
438. Ercon, Inc. (USA)
439. Ercros Italia SRL (Italy)
440. ER-LAC G.D. Koutlis SA (Greece)
441. Ernit AG (Switzerland)
442. Ernst Peter & Sohn GmbH Lackfabrik (Germany)
443. Ernst Platt Bochum Lack-Und Lackfarbenfabrik GmbH (Germany)
444. Esse Erre Idro SRL (Italy)
445. Estelim Tintas Marítimas E Industriais SA (Portugal)
446. Ets Chagneau (France)
447. Ets Georges Catteau (France)
448. Ets Laguerre (France)
449. Ets Trachet Soberac SA (Belgium)
450. Ets. Industriel De Peintures & Vernis (Lebanon)
451. Euridep (France)
452. Euro 2000 SRL(Italy)
453. Eurochemie Verffabriek BV (The Netherlands)
454. Eurochim (France)
455. Eurochimica Pineta Srl (Italy)
456. Eurocoatings (France)
457. Eurofill BV (The Netherlands)
458. Eurolack Srl (Italy)
459. European Aerosols Holland BV (The Netherlands)
460. Europlast SRL (Italy)
461. Europlastic (Romania)
462. Euroquimica De Bufi Y Planas SA (Spain)
463. Eurovernici Snc (Italy)
464. Everingham Paints & Chemicals (UK)
465. Excelsior Coatings, Inc. (USA)
466. Eyrein Industrie (E.I.) (France)
467. F. W. Scheiing KG (Germany)
468. Fabrinor SA (France)
469. Fakolith-Farben GmbH (Germany)
470. Fangcheng Building Materials Co. (China)
471. Farben Volz GmbH (Germany)
472. Farben-Distler E.K. (Germany)
473. Farben-Loy GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
474. Farb-Tex Kaltenbach + Maier GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
475. Farbwerk Marktleuthen Gebhardt GmbH + Co., Kg (Germany).
476. Farecla Products Ltd. (UK)
477. Fariman Rangsazi & Chemical Ind (Iran).
478. Farrell-Calhoun, Inc. (USA)
479. Fassa Srl (Italy)
480. Feidal Lackfabrik GmbH & Co (Germany).
481. Felor (France)
482. Fenzi SpA (Italy)
483. Fepyr SA (Spain)
484. Ferber SA (Spain)
485. Ferox, Inc. (Canada)
486. Ferro Couleurs France SA (France)
487. Ferro Enamel Espanola SA (Spain)
488. Ferroluz SA (Spain)
489. Fescon OY (Finland)
490. FEUMAS Feuerfeste Massen + Chemisch-Technische Produkte GmbH (Germany)
491. Feycolor GmbH (Austria)
492. FinishMaster, Inc. (USA)
493. Finnaren & Haley, Inc. (USA)
494. Finntam Oy (Finland)
495. Fin-Tex Oy (Finland)
496. Firchim France (France)
497. First Paint (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (China)
498. Firwood Paints Ltd. (UK)
499. Flanders Color NV (Belgium)
500. Fleetwood Paints (Ireland)
501. Fleurix + Co SA (Belgium)
502. Flexichem Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
503. Flьgger AS (Denmark)
504. Fluorital SRL (Italy)
505. Fluoro Precision Coatings (UK)
506. FMI Paint & Stain Corporation (USA)
507. Forst-Chemie Ettenheim GmbH (Germany)
508. Fortafix Ltd. (UK)
509. Fortis Coatings BV (The Netherlands)
510. Forward Ltd. (Belarus)
511. Fox Valley Systems Ltd. (UK)
512. France Industrie SA (France)
513. Franken-Coatings GmbH & Co., Kg. (Germany)
514. Frankert Paints & Fillrite Coatings (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
515. Franz Dietrich AG (Germany)
516. Frazee Paint & Wallcovering (USA)
517. Frencken Fabrieken BV (The Netherlands)
518. Fresco SRL (Italy)
519. Friedrich W. Derkum Chemische Fabrik GmbH (Germany)
520. Fritze-Lacke Gesmbh, O (Austria)
521. Frost Paint & Oil Corporation (USA)
522. Fuchs Lubricantes SA (Spain)
523. Fuller (HB) Co. (USA)
524. Fyleverken Industrimineralberednings AB (Sweden)
525. Fyra Ess Entreprenad AB (Sweden)
526. G. E. Habich's Sohne GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany)
527. G. Levasseur SA (Belgium)
528. Gabriel Soto Sodi (Mexico)
529. Galex Chemicals (Egypt)
530. Gama Color Srl (Moldova)
531. Gamma Chimica Varese SRL (Moldova)
532. Gapi Paints SRL (Italy)
533. Gardex SA (Spain)
534. Garon Products, Inc. (USA)
535. Gaudi Ltd. (Kazakhstan)
536. Gebr. Fiedler Ohg (Germany)
537. Gebr. Griekspoor BV (The Netherlands)
538. Gebruder Heitmann GmbH (Germany)
539. Geholit + Wiemer Lack-und Kunststoff-Chemie GmbH (Germany)
540. Geiger Chemie GmbH (Germany)
541. General Chemical Industries Lp (Thailand)
542. General Paint Co., SAL (Lebanon)
543. General Paint Corporation (Canada)
544. General Paints Ltd. (Ireland)
545. Gero Paints NV (Belgium)
546. Geveko Industri AB (Sweden)
Geveko Oy (Finland)
547. Giaretta Italia SRL (Italy)
548. Gijsman Epoxy Produkten BV (The Netherlands)
549. Gip Chem SA (Greece)
550. Giscosa SA (Spain)
551. Giza Paints & Chemical Industries (Egypt)
552. Glasball SA (Spain)
553. Glasfolie Suncontrol BV (The Netherlands)
554. Glaszentrum G. F. Schweikert GmbH (Germany)
555. Glitsa Production AB (Sweden)
556. GNP Granitex Nouveaux Produits Spa (Algeria)
557. Gonzalez Lorenzo SA (Spain)
558. Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd. (India)
559. Goody Paint Sarl (Lebanon)
560. Gouda Chemiebouw BV (The Netherlands)
561. Govesan SA (Spain)
562. Grafitti-Solve (UK)
563. Great Eastern Resins Industrial Company Limited (Taiwan)
564. Grecolack SA (Greece)
565. Greutol AG (Switzerland)
566. Griesser AG (Switzerland)
567. Gross & Perthun GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
568. Gruhn Kemi AS (Denmark)
569. Grupisa Infraestructuras (Spain)
570. Grupo Danosa (Spain)
571. Gruppo Europeo Doc SCRL (Italy)
572. Guangzhou Taishi Waterproof Paint Co., Ltd. (China)
573. Guangzhou Yan'an Paint Group Co., Ltd. (China)
574. Gubela Industrie-und Strassenausrustungs GmbH (Germany)
575. Gubra Italia SRL (Italy)
576. Guilmin SA (Belgium)
577. Gulf States Asphalt (USA)
578. Gulvsystemer AS (Norway)
579. Gyungdo Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd. (Korea)
580. H.De Vos & Zn BV (The Netherlands)
581. Habarak Efraim Gruenfeld Ltd. (Israel)
582. Habich GmbH (Austria)
583. Hagentaler Farbenwerk Gesmbh (Austria)
584. Haghebaert And Fremaux Villeneuve ASCQ (France)
585. Hagmans Kemi AB (Sweden)
586. Haihong Old Man Paint Co., Ltd. (China)
587. Hama Industrial Chemicals Ltd. (Israel)
588. Hamelin Henri ET SES FILS (France)
589. Han Heung Co., Ltd. (Korea, Republic Of (Korea)
590. Handan Xinma Paint Shareholding Corporation (China)
591. Hangon Vдri OY-Hangц Fдrg AB (Finland)
592. Hangzhou Tianle Coating Co., Ltd (China).
593. Hannecard NV (Belgium)
594. Hanseatische Farben-und Lackfabrik Fischbach KG (Germany)
595. Hanter Graphic, Inc. (Taiwan)
596. Hardman Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
597. Harfouche for Trading & Industrial (Lebanon)
598. Harzer Lackfabrik GmbH (Germany)
599. Hasit Trockenmцrtel GmbH & Co., Kg. (Germany)
600. Haslberger & Hasit Trockenmvrtel GmbH & Co., Kg. (Germany)
601. Hato Paint Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
602. Hava Hainbach + Vaupel KG (Germany)
603. Haymes Paint (Australia)
604. Heeren & Meijer BV (The Netherlands)
605. Heidelberger Bauchemie GmbH Marke Deitermann (Germany)
606. Heinrich Hahne GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
607. Heinrich Kцnig & Co., Kg .(Germany)
608. Helmstedter Lack-und Chemische Fabrik GmbH (Germany)
609. Hemmelrath Lackfabrik GmbH (Germany)
610. Hempel AS (Denmark)
Hempel Coatings USA, Inc. (USA)
Hempel NV (Belgium)
Hempel Industriefarben GmbH & Co., Kg. (Germany)
Hempel Paints Wll (Bahrain)
Hempel Paints (Saudi Arabia) WLL (Saudi Arabia)
Hempel Paints Emirates Llc (UAE)
Hempel Paints Ltd. (UK)
Hempel Peintures France SA (France)
Hempel Pinturas SA (France)
Hempel-Haihong Coatings Co., Ltd. (China)
Hempel's Marine Paints (Malta) Ltd. (Malta)
611. Henkel KGAA (Germany)
Henkel Loctite Ltd. (Ireland)
Henkel Teroson GmbH (Germany)
612. Henry Gallacher Ltd (UK).
613. Heraeus BV (The Netherlands)
Heraeus Materials Ltd. (UK)
614. Hercules Chemicals Australia (Australia)
615. Hermseal (Estonia)
616. Hesse GmbH & Co. (Germany)
617. Heveasol Bautenschutz Aldinger GmbH (Germany)
618. Hex Holdings Ltd. (UK)
619. Hexham Sealants Ltd (UK).
620. Heys-Shawl Ltd. (UK)
621. Hichem Paint Technologies (Australia)
622. High Technology Solvents UK Ltd. (UK)
623. Hilti (Gt. Britain) Limited (UK)
624. him France (France)
625. Himplast Ltd. (Kazakhstan)
626. Hiper Decoracio SA (HD) (Spain)
627. Hird Hastie Paints Ltd. (UK)
628. Hirshfield's, Inc. (USA)
629. Hochsmann Farben Gesmbh (Austria)
630. Hoefer GmbH Lackfabrik (Germany)
631. Holcim Mortiers (France)
632. Holt Lloyd BV (The Netherlands)
633. Hopner Lacke GmbH (Germany)
634. Hsf Hansa Schiffsfarben Ein Unternehmensbereich Der Osnatol-Werk GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
635. Hua Hong Seng Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
636. Humbrol Ltd. (UK)
637. Hunan Xiangjiang Coating Group Co., Ltd. (China)
638. Hwa Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
639. Hycrome (Europe) Ltd. (UK)
640. Hydratite SRL (Italy)
641. Hydrotech INK Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
642. Hyundae Paint Ind. Co., Ltd. (Korea)
643. I.C.T.S., SRL (Italy)
644. I.V.E. Industria Vernici Fermo Galbiati & C SRL (Italy)
645. I.Ver.Plast, SRL (Italy)
646. Iaccarino Colori SRL (Italy)
647. Ibersa De Pinturas SL (Spain)
648. Ibis Products Ltd. (Canada)
649. Icab Chimicolor, Impresa Individuale (Italy)
650. Icopal Ltd. (UK)
651. Icopeint (France)
652. Icro Coatings SpA (Italy)
653. Ig Sprhtechnik GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany) .
654. Igepa-Chemie GmbH (Germany)
655. Ignacio Vega Gorostegui SA (Ivegor) (Spain)
656. Iliochrom SA (Greece)
657. Ilva Polimeri SpA (Italy)
658. Impar-Plast Srl (Italy)
659. Imparat Farbwerk Iversen & Mdhl GmbH & Co. (Germany)
660. Imper Italia SpA (Italy)
661. Imperbel NV (Belgium)
662. Imperial Chemical Industries PLC (UK)
ICI Dulux International (UK)
Nexa Autocolor (Germany)
ICI India Ltd. (India)
ICI Paints (S) Pte Ltd. (Singapore)
ICI Paints Ltd . (Thailand)
ICI Paints Deco France (France)
Dulux (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
Dulux Australia (Australia)
Dulux NZ (New Zealand)
Dulux Paints Ireland Ltd. (Ireland)
663. In.Ver.Sol Italia Spa (Industria Vernici Solventi) (Italy
664. Incorgaz SA (Moldova)
665. Indasco (France)
666. Indestructible Paint Ltd. (UK)
667. Industria colori freddi s. Giorgio SRL (Italy)
668. Industria Toscana Vernici SpA (Italy)
669. Industria Vernici E ColorI SRL (Italy)
670. Industrial Coatings Enterprises, Inc. (USA)
671. Industrial Quimica Metalurgica SL (Iquimetal) (Spain)
672. Industrias Ceresita SA(Chile)
673. Industrias De Barnices Especiales Ilp SA (Spain)
674. Industrias Del Plástico Liquido SA (Spain)
675. Industrias Dimo SA (Spain)
676. Industrias Juno SA (Spain)
677. Industrias Quimicas Eurocolor SA (Spain)
678. Industrias Quimicas Satecma SA (Spain)
679. Industrias Titán SA (Spain)
680. Industrias Tricolor SA (Chile)
681. Industrie Vernici Alto Tevere SRL (Italy)
682. Initiatives Decoration (France)
683. Ink Maloberti SRL (Italy)
684. Insinooritoimisto Sulin OY (Finland)
685. Inteman SA (Spain)
686. Intercontinental Chemical Products Ltd. (UK)
687. Interdesco (France)
688. International Chimica SRL (Italy)
689. International Coating & Chemical Co., Inc. (USA)
690. International Farbenwerke GmbH (Germany)
691. International Ilios Cotachem SA (Greece)
692. International Paint (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
693. International Paint Gulf Ltd. (Bahrain)
694. International Paint Iberia Lda (Portugal)
695. International Paint Italia SpA (Italy)
696. International Paint Saudi Arabia Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
697. International Polymer Corp., Ltd. (Israel)
698. International Sand And Gravel NV (Insagra) (Belgium)
699. Inver SPA (Italy)
700. Iricolor SRL(Italy)
701. Iris Lack Baumann GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany)
702. IRIS Vernici SRL (Italy)
703. Irsa Lackfabrik Irmgard Sallinger GmbH (Germany)
704. Isello Vernici Srl (Italy)
705. Isolcover SRL (Italy)
706. Isomat SA (Greece)
707. Iso-Nor AS (Norway)
708. Isoplam Colorificio SRL (Italy)
709. Isralak Ltd. (Israel)
710. Itakol Srl (Italy)
711. Italcrom SRL (Italy
712. Italo-Belge Colori SRL (Italy)
713. Italo Americana Colori & Vernici SRL (Italy)
714. Italprotec SAS (Italy)
715. Italvernici SRL (Italy)
716. ITP Paste Pigmentarie E Sistemi Tintometrici SRL (Italy)
717. IVAS Industria Vernici SpA (Italy)
718. iver Srl (Italy)
719. J Carl Hulsemann GmbH & Co. (Germany)
720. J Colors SpA (Italy0
721. J. Sigel & Sohn GmbH (Germany)
722. J.L Gandara Y CIA SA (Spain)
723. J.L. Lassailly (France)
724. Jacobsen Manufacturing Ltd. (New Zealand)
725. Jacosol Nederland BV (The Netherlands)
726. Jae Il Chemical Co., Ltd. (Korea)
727. Jaeil Lighting Ind.Co., Ltd (South Korea).
728. Jalite PLC (UK)
729. Jallut SA (France)
730. James Briggs Ltd. (UK)
731. Jbp International Paint Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
732. Jema-American (USA)
733. Jenson and Nicholson India Ltd. (India)
734. Jiangsu Xiongying Industry Co., Ltd (China).
735. Jinan Kangdi Paint Mfg. Co., Ltd. (China)
736. Jiujiang Huaxiong Chemical Co., Ltd. (China)
737. Jobling Purser Ltd. (UK)
738. Jofrika Karneval GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
739. John Myland Ltd (UK).
740. John Thienpont NV (Belgium)
741. Johnson & Allen Ltd. (UK)
742. Johnson Matthey PLC (UK)
Johnson Matthey BV (The Netherlands)
Johnson Matthey Italia SpA (Italy)
Johnson Matthey SA (France)
743. Josef W. Ostendorf GmbH & Co. (Germany)
744. Jotun Paints (Europe) Ltd. (UK)
745. Jotun (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
Jotun (Thailand) Ltd. (Thailand)
Jotun A/S (Norway)
Jotun Australia Pty., Ltd (Italy)
Jotun Iberica SA (Spain)
Jotun Italia, SpA (Italy)
Jotun Paints (Europe)
Jotun Paints Co. LLC (Oman)
Jotun Paints SA (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
Jotun Portugal Tintas Lda (Portugal)
Jotun Thailand Ltd . (Thailand)
Jotun-Henry Clark, Ltd (UK).
746. Jovi SA (Spain)
747. Julian Bloom Printing, Ltd (UK).
748. Juston Ainé Fils (France)
749. K. Antinluoma OY (Finland)
750. Kaiser Lacke GmbH (Germany)
751. Kal-Gard UK Ltd. (UK)
752. Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Kansai Paint (S) Pte, Ltd . (Singapore)
Kansai Paint Europe, Ltd (UK).
753. Karl Bubenhofer AG (Germany)
754. Karl Klenk GmbH & Co . (Germany)
755. Karl Worwag Lack-Und Farbenfabrik GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
756. Karnak Corporation (USA)
757. Kason Bangkok Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
758. Kassaa Paints Group (Lebanon)
759. Kataforesis Burgos SA (Spain)
760. Kawakami Paint Mfg Co., Ltd. (Japan)
761. Kaye Aluminium Limited (UK)
762. Kcc (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
763. KCK Emulsion Polymers Limited (Cyprus)
764. KDK Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd. (Korea)
765. KEFA Drytech AB (Sweden)
766. Keimfarben GmbH & Co., Kg. (Germany)
767. Keller AG, Fritz (Chemische Fabrik) (Switzerland)
768. Kelly Color SRL (Italy)
769. Kelly-Moore Paint Company (USA)
770. Kelray Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
771. Kemibolaget i Bromma AB (Sweden)
772. Kemichal SRL (Italy)
773. Kemira Pigments OY, (Finland)
Tikkurila OY (Finland)
Tikkurila Paints Oy (Finland)
Tikkurila Coatings (Irl) Ltd. (Ireland)
Tikkurila Coatings BV (The Netherlands)
Tikkurila Coatings Ltd. (UK)
Alcro-Beckers AB (Sweden)
774. Kenton Intertrade Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
775. Keramische Fabrik "Bidtelia" MeiЯen GmbH (Germany)
776. Kestrel Thermoplastics Ltd. (UK)
777. Keycolor SRL (Italy)
778. Khimji Permoglaze (OMAN) L.L.C. (Oman)
779. Kiilto Oy (Finland)
780. Kikusui Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. (Japan)
781. Kingstonian Paints Ltd (UK).
782. Klett & Schurhoff Grasolin-Lackfabrik GmbH (Germany)
783. Klostermann Chemie Gmbh + Co Kg Chemo-Technik + Elektronik (Germany)
784. Kluthe France (France)
785. KMC Afbouwmaterialen (The Netherlands)
786. Kneho-Lacke GmbH (Germany)
787. Knorr Prandell Creative Hobbies GmbH (Germany)
788. Knuchel Farben AG (Switzerland)
789. Koch Farben GmbH (Germany)
790. Kolor Ltd. (Kazakhstan)
791. Kolorbond UK Ltd. (UK)
792. Kongsawad Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
793. Koster Bauchemie AG (Germany)
794. Kovi SA (France)
795. Krauto Iberica SA (Spain)
796. Krautol-Werke GmbH + Co., Kg (Germany).
797. Kreide-Farbenwerk Rugen GmbH (Germany)
798. Krikos Paints SA(Greece)
799. Krona-Lackfabrik GmbH (Germany)
800. Kronos Canada, Inc. (Canada)
801. Krysler Paints Pty., Ltd (Australia).
802. Kubny AG Heiner (Switzerland)
803. Kulba Bauchemie (Germany)
804. Kunming Zhonghua Paint Co., Ltd. (China)
805. Kunsul Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. (Korea)
806. Kurulush Plyus LTD. (Kyrgyzstan)
807. Kwasny AG Peter (Switzerland)
808. L.R.M. Colorificio Srl (Italy)
809. La Couleur Du Peintre SA (Belgium)
810. La Italchimica Vernici Srl (Italy)
811. La Lutte Anti-Graffiti (France)
812. Laboratori Ecobios Srl (Italy)
813. Laboratorios Rayt SA (Barcelona)
814. Lackfabrik Walter Schдfer GmbH (Germany)
815. Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co., Kg (Germany).
816. Lacnam Paints Australia (Australia)
817. Lafarge Peintures (France)
818. Lafazit Lacke-Und Farbenherstellung GMBH (Germany)
819. Laiex SL (Spain)
820. Lakfa Verffabriek BV (The Netherlands)
821. Lakfabriek Korthals BV (The Netherlands)
822. Lakkavalmiste OY (Finland)
823. Laky SRL (F.Lli Costella) (Italy)
824. Lam Thong Corporation Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
825. Lambert & F.D. SA (Belgium)
826. Landora Fдrgindustri AB (Sweden)
827. Landshuter Lackfabrik Eduard Leiss KG (Germany)
828. Langfang Yanmei Chemicals Co., Ltd. (China)
829. Lanit AG (Nachfolger Huber & Co.) (Switzerland)
830. Lankwitzer Lackfabrik GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
831. Larco A/S (Denmark)
832. Laston Italiana SpA (Italy)
833. Latexfalt BV (The Netherlands)
834. Laurentide, Inc. (Canada)
835. Lawok Sp.J (Poland)
836. Lawson H.I.S. Ltd. (UK)
837. Laybond Products Ltd. (UK)
838. Lebanese Industrial Group Sarl (Lebanon)
839. Lechler Coatings Ltd. (UK)
840. Lechler SpA (Italy)
841. Legrand-Cerbonney (SA) (France)
842. Lehmann + Co., Ag. A (Switzerland)
843. Leigh's Paints (UK)
844. Leo Paint Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
845. Les Peintures Franзaises (France)
846. Libert Paints & Co., NV (Belgium).
847. Licensys Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
848. Lienenlueke + Reinsch GmbH (Germany)
849. Lilly Industries (Far East) Ltd. (Taiwan)
850. Lim & Handtryck AB (Sweden)
851. Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH (Germany)
852. Lindsay's Leichhardt Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
853. Linea SRL (Italy)
854. Lion Color Ets Meddour SARL (Algeria)
855. Liquid Plastics Ltd. (UK)
856. Liquiplast SRL (Italy)
857. List + Sohn GmbH (Germany)
858. Lithcote Europe SA (Belgium)
859. Liwa Fдrg AB (Sweden)
860. Liwell Kemi AB (Sweden)
861. LKR Epoxy ApS (Denmark)
862. Lluveras SA (Spain)
863. Loba GmbH & Co., Kg. (Germany)
864. Lodan International Sprl (Belgium)
865. Loggia Industria Vernici SRL (Italy)
866. Long Products Ltd. (UK)
867. Los Blancos NV (Belgium)
868. Lotrec AB (Sweden)
869. Lucebni Zavody A. S. Kolin (Czech Republic)
870. Ludvig Svensson BV (The Netherlands)
871. Lufag Lack-und Farben AG (Switzerland)
872. Lugato Chemie Dr. Buchtemann GmbH & Co. (Germany)
873. Lustralac SA (Greece)
874. Luzenac Europe (France)
875. LVH Coatings Ltd. (UK)
876. M.G. Vernici, Impresa Individuale (Di Mallozzi Gabriele) (Italy)
877. M.P.M. SpA (Materiali Protettivi Milano) (Italy)
878. MA. SI.BO. Snc (Italy)
879. Macleod Paints Australia (Australia)
880. Macota SRL (Italy)
881. Macross Ltd., (Russian Federation)
882. Madco Paints (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
883. Maga Snc (DI Maj Sandro E Franca & C.) (Italy)
884. Magnemag A/S (Denmark)
885. Magnum Organic Chemicals Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
886. Maimeri SpA (Italy)
887. Mainland Paint & Printing Ink (New Zealand)
888. Maison Victor Nizet (France)
889. Makeean Polymers CC (South Africa)
890. Manders Coatings & Inks Ireland Ltd. (Ireland)
891. Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co. (Germany)
892. Manoukian-Volonterio SA (Spain)
893. Mapex SRL (Italy)
894. Marabu France SARL (France)
895. Marinver SNC (France (Italy)
896. Marking Machines International Ltd. (UK)
897. Marlin Srl (Italy)
898. Marmoplast SnC (Italy)
899. Marmoran AG (Switzerland)
900. Marroncolor SRL (Italy)
901. Martin Mathys SA (Belgium)
902. Martin Senour Paints Company (USA)
903. Marzano Form (Italy)
904. Mason Coatings PLC (UK)
905. Master Builders PCI BV (The Netherlands)
906. Masterbrand Paints Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
907. Maston Oy (Finland)
908. Materfor SA (Belgium)
909. Matz Storen-& Baumontagen GmbH (Switzerland)
910. Maurolin AG (Switzerland)
911. Mautner Lackvertriebs Gesmbh (Austria)
912. Mavirel Indústrias Técnico-Químicas Lda (Portugal)
913. Max Meyer (UK) Ltd. (UK)
914. Max Perles ET Cie (France)
915. Mayen Industrial SL (Spain)
916. MC-Bauchemie Mьller GmbH & Co (Germany).
917. McConnells (Ireland)
918. McCormick Paints (USA)
919. Mebracol AG (Switzerland)
920. Medal Paint Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
921. Medena AG (Switzerland)
922. Meffert AG Farbwerke (Germany)
923. Megar SAS (Italy)
924. Menatwork Italia SRL (Italy)
925. Merlet Plastiques (France)
926. Metalcrom SRL (Italy)
927. Metalgroup Asbl (Belgium)
928. Metallisation Nord Industrie (MNI) (France)
929. Metes NV (Belgium)
930. Metlac SpA (Italy)
931. Miller Paint Co., Inc. (USA)
932. Milwaukee Paint, Inc (USA).
933. Mincio Colori Impresa Individuale (Italy)
934. Mipa AG (Germany)
935. Mipal Tintas e Vernizes Lda (Portugal)
936. Mipapol Ltd. (Cyprus)
937. Mirodur SpA . (Italy)
938. Miroiterie Du Leman SA (Switzerland)
939. Mirotone (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
940. Mirror Paints Pty Ltd. (Australia)
941. Misal Arexons SpA
942. MO.Ver. SRL (Moderna Verniceria) (Italy)
943. Mogat-Werke Adolf Bvving GmbH (Germany)
944. Mondial Srl (Italy)
945. Mondialisol SA (France)
946. Mongay SA (Spain)
947. Monopol Colors AG (Switzerland).
948. Montachemie GmbH (Germany)
949. Mopasa SL (Spain)
950. Moravia Gesellschaft Fur Verkehrszeichen Und Signalgldser Mbh (Germany)
951. Morplate Ltd. (UK)
952. Morrells Woodfinishes Ltd (UK).
953. Morris Greenhalgh Ltd. (UK)
954. Motip Dupli GmbH (Germany)
955. Multichimica SpA (Italy)
956. Muracril SRL (Italy)
957. Muratti SRL (Italy)
958. Muylle-Facon NV (Belgium)
959. Naghshineh Paint Mfg. & Chemical (Iran)
960. Nanten Oy (Finland)
961. Napoleon Colori, Impresa Individuale (Italy)
962. Nelf Lakfabrieken BV (The Netherlands)
963. Nemacom Ltd. (UK)
964. Neotex SA (Greece)
965. Neutra Rust International Uk Ltd (UK).
966. Neutron Paints (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
967. Neverlak BV (Netherlands)
968. New Guard Coatings Ltd. (UK)
969. Newtech Industries Ltd. (New Zealand)
970. Nichol Industries Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
971. Nicola C. Sas (Di Claudio Nicola & C.) (Italy)
972. Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Nippon Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Nippon Paint Co. (Malaysia)
Nippon Paint Co. Pte, Ltd. (Singapore)
Nippon Paint Europe Ltd. (UK)
973. Nirlat Ltd. (Israel)
974. Nitco Paints Pvt., Ltd. (India)
975. Nobiles Kujawska Fabryka Farb I Lakierow Sp. Z O.O (Poland)
976. Nobs Ag Lackfabrik (Switzerland)
977. Norcolour Oy Ab (Finland)
978. Nordox Industrier As (Norway)
979. Norix Lackfabrik GmbH (Germany)
980. Nor-Maali Oy (Finland)
981. Norver Paints Ltd (UK).
982. Nouvion SA (France)
983. Novacola Sociedade Nacional De Colas LDA (Portugal)
984. Novacolor SAS (Italia)
985. Novol Sp. z o.o (Poland)
986. NU.MA. S. SRL (Italy)
987. Numa Industrial SA (Spain)
988. Nuova Coprik SRL (Italy)
989. Nuova Ferretti, Impresa Individuale (Italy)
990. Nuova Rivas SRL (Italy)
991. Nuova S.I.V.A. M. SpA (Italy)
992. Nuova Univer Srl (Italy)
993. Nuovo Colorificio Cibifarben SAS (Italy)
994. Nutshell Natural Paints (UK)
995. Occo Norway A/S (Norway)
996. Oellers-Immex Produktions-Und Vertriebs GmbH & Co., Kg. (Germany)
997. Oldfields Holdings Ltd. (Australia)
998. Oleronlac SA (France)
999. Oli Lacke GmbH (Germany)
1000. Olsen & Wang A/S (Norway)
1001. OPN-Chemie Otto Petri GmbH (Germany)
1002. Optical Coatings Technologies Ltd (UK).
1003. Optiroc A/S (Denmark)
1004. Orazio Brignola SpA (Italy)
1005. Orica Ltd. (Australia)
Selleys Pty., Limited (Australia)
1006. Origin Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan)
1007. Oropal Franco Hnos SA (Spain)
1008. Feron Sa/Osca Peintures (France)
1009. Oskar Nolte GmbH Lackfabrik (Germany)
1010. Цsterreichische Holzschutz GESmbH (Austria)
1011. Osterwieck Lacke GmbH (Germany)
1012. Otra Maling Og Lakkfabrikk A S (Norway)
1013. Oxyplast Belgium NV (Belgium)
1014. Packaging Inks (Aust) Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
1015. Pai-Kor SRL (Italy)
1016. Paintcor CC (South Africa)
1017. Paintec SRL (Italy)
1018. Palini Vernici SRL (Italy)
1019. Palmer Paint Products, Inc. (USA)
1020. Pan Arab Paints Sal (Lebanon)
1021. Panyu Huanmei Coatings Co., Ltd. (China)
1022. Papageorgiou D., SA (Greece)
1023. Parmacolor SNC (Italy)
1024. Partner Chemical Raw Materials Co. (China)
1025. Paul Bauder GmbH & Co. (Germany)
1026. Paul Jaeger GmbH & Co., Kg (Germany).
1027. Paulin Colorificio SpA (Italy)
1028. Paulypaint NV (Belgium)
1029. Pava Snc (Di Bernardi Guido & C.) (Italy)
1030. Pearl Paints North America, Inc. (USA)
1031. Pebeo SA (France)
1032. Peintures du Médoc (France)
1033. Peintures Maestria (France)
1034. Peintures Marius Dufour (France)
1035. Peintures Production Ouest (France)
1036. Peintures Robin SA (Luxembourg)
1037. Peintures Synthétiques Modernes (Pesymo SA) (France)
1038. Peintures TLM SA (France)
1039. Peintures Vernis Encres Fouqueau (France)
1040. Pekay Chemicals (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
1041. Pentagon Plastics NV (Belgium)
1042. Pentisol KY (Finland)
1043. Peter Kwasny GmbH (Germany)
1044. Pettit Marine Paints (USA)
1045. Pharmol Farben u. Lacke GmbH (Germany)
1046. Phil. Berger Lack-Und Chemische Fabrik GmbH (Germany)
1047. Philocolor-Prochinor (France)
1048. Piero Della Valentina SpA (Italy)
1049. Pigments Mineraux SA (Belgium)
1050. PIGROL Farben GmbH (Germany)
1051. Pingo-Erzeugnisse Welsch & Kuffner GmbH (Germany)
1052. Pint Sur SL (Spain)
1053. Pinturas Blatem SL (Spain)
1054. Pinturas Ecu SL (Spain)
1055. Pinturas Gemmex SA (Spain)
1056. Pinturas Jallut Ibérica SL (Spain)
1057. Pinturas Jaque SL (Spain)
1058. Pinturas Sayas Linares SL (Spain)
1059. Pinturas Sipa LTDA. (Chile)
1060. Pinturas Tajamar SA (Chile)
1061. Pinturas Y Lacas Del Norte SA (Spain)
1062. Pinturas Y Resinas Triso SL (Spain)
1063. Pinturas Yuca (Spain)
1064. Peintures Jules Lejeune Sprl (Belgium)
1065. Pintures M. Vich SA (Spain)
1066. Pirep SA (France)
1067. Plantagchemie GmbH (Germany)
1068. Plaspertex Paint Co., Ltd (UK).
1069. Plastic Coatings Ltd (UK).
1070. Plasticos Tolosa SA (Spain)
1071. Plasto-Chemie GmbH (Germany)
1072. Poederlakken Teodur NV (The Netherlands)
1073. Polaris SRL (Italy)
1074. Polat SA (Greece)
1075. Poliester Color SA (Spain)
1076. Polifarb Cieszyn-Wroclaw SA (Poland)
1077. Polifarb Kalisz SA (Poland)
1078. Polifarb-Lodz Sp. Z O.O (Poland)
1079. Polistuc SRL (Italy)
1080. Polybond Ltd (UK) .
1081. Polycoat Systems, Inc. (USA)
1082. Poly-Color Sp. Z O.O (Poland)
1083. Polylac Paints & Lacquers Industries Ltd. (Israel)
1084. Polymer Developments Group Ltd. (New Zealand)
1085. Polymer Plastics Corporation (USA)
1086. Port Natal Paints (South Africa)
1087. Powder-Lak (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
1088. PPG Industries, Inc. (USA)
PPG Coating (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (China)
PPG Coating SA (France)
PPG Ibérica SA (Portugal)
PPG Industries (UK) Ltd.
PPG Industries Italia Srl (Italy)
1089. Primalex AS (Czech Republic)
1090. Prism Paints & Colors Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
1091. Procachem Corporation (Taiwan)
1092. Prochemko International BV (The Netherlands)
1093. Procoat France Sarl (France)
1094. Procopli SA (France)
1095. Productos Delta SA (Spain)
1096. Productos Pumar SL (Spain)
1097. Productos Quetzal SA (Spain)
1098. Products Technic Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
1099. Produits Durieu SA (France)
1100. Professional Paint Inc (USA).
1101. Program SRL (Italy)
1102. Pro-Gruppen AB (Sweden)
1103. Promat Ibe'rica SA (Spain)
1104. Promel Lainate Nuova SRL (Italy)
1105. Prominent Paints (Pty) Ltd .(South Africa)
1106. Prosol Spraytechnik Gmb

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