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Main Industry Chemicals & Petrochemicals Trends and Prospects in International Trade in Paraformaldehyde

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Trends and Prospects in International Trade in Paraformaldehyde

DateJun, 2007
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This report examines international trade and worldwide market trends pertaining to paraformaldehyde. The report will be of considerable interest primarily to relevant strategic planners, senior company officials and importers/exporters, since it features invaluable information on paraformaldehyde export/import operations segmented by country and region. The report covers the 2002-2006 period, with more emphasis on foreign trade in 2006.

The report provides the following analytical materials on the paraformaldehyde: general description, international trade dynamics (2002-2006), exports/imports (2006) broken down by country, major suppliers and consumers, average price, international trade prospects, world market development forecast for 2007-2011.

International trade operations in more than 125 countries are highlighted through 150 tables and diagrams.

Table of contents:

1. Resume: the world trade in paraformaldehyde
1.1. Paraformaldehyde: uses and properties
1.2. Paraformaldehyde: international trade in 2002-2006

2. Paraformaldehyde exports in 2006
2.1. Executive summary
2.1.1. Paraformaldehyde exports by country (2006)
2.1.2. Major suppliers (2006)
2.2. Paraformaldehyde exports segmented by region and country (2006)
2.2.1. Europe
2.2.2. Asia and Middle East
2.2.3. North America
2.2.4. Latin America
2.2.5. Africa
2.2.6. Oceania

3. Paraformaldehyde imports in 2006
3.1. Executive summary
3.1.1. Paraformaldehyde imports by country (2006)
3.1.2. Key consumers (2006)
3.2. Paraformaldehyde imports data broken down by region and country (2006)
3.2.1. Europe
3.2.2. Asia and Middle East
3.2.3. North America
3.2.4. Latin America
3.2.5. Africa
3.2.6. Oceania

4. Paraformaldehyde: average price (2002-2006) and price forecast up to 2011

5. Paraformaldehyde: international trade prospects for 2007-2011

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