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Toilet Seat Market

DateDec, 2006
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Catalina Research announces the release of our 37-page Catalina Market Profile on Toilet Seats. This fact-filled profile provides the action-oriented executive with up-to-date information on molded wood, polypropylene, and soft toilet seats. Each page will assist the toilet seat executive exploit growing product lines, review the competitive environment, analyze end-use markets, and plan for 2007 and beyond.

Catalina Market Profiles contain the timely data that allows users to evaluate market size, growth potential, end-use markets, profitability, market share, and the competitive environment. So turn to a Catalina Market Profile when developing strategies to take advantage of the growth in residential and nonresidential sales.

The content matter shows the significant data and information included in this market profile. Catalina summarizes this wealth of information to clearly point to the pertinent industry trends. Look it over, fill out the order form, and receive your Catalina Market Profile promptly. You will find it a valuable planning tool.


  • Executive summary
  • Toilet seat market trends
  • Factors driving demand
  • Price trends
  • New product developments
  • Sales by material and market
  • Competitive environment
  • Distribution channels
  • Outlook
  • U.S. toilet seats in dollars and units
  • Average value per toilet seat sold
  • Price trends for resins and lumber
  • Share of toilet seat sales by material: molded wood, polypropylene, and soft
  • Replacement sales and sales for new toilets
  • Sales by market: residential new, remodeling, and replacement; nonresidential new and remodeling , and replacement
  • U.S. toilet seat dollar shipments and number of domestic manufacturers
  • U.S. quantity toilet seat shipments and average value per toilet seat shipped
  • Toilet seat imports and major country of origin
  • Toilet seat exports and major country of destination
  • Analysis of Home Depot’s toilet seat products sold
  • Profile of Bemis Manufacturing and Kohler toilet seat product lines
  • Quantity U.S. toilet sales
  • U.S. residential and nonresidential building construction spending
  • Total housing demand by region: existing home sales, new housing completions, and manufacturer housing sales
  • Housing starts for new single-family homes and multi-family housing units
  • Monthly residential permit trends by region
  • Bathrooms per new U.S. single-family and multi-family housing unit by region
  • Homeowner bathroom remodeling spending
  • Home mortgage interest rates and personal income trends

Additional Information

Scope And Methodology

Catalina compiled U.S. toilet seat shipments, exports, and imports from the U.S. Department of Commerce (Tables 8, 10, and 12). Shipments are for all domestic manufacturers, whether plants are owned by U.S.- or foreign-based companies and whether or not plants specialize (50% or more of total facility revenues) in toilet seats. The shipment data, however, was classified as wood toilet seats, including molded type. There was no separate category for plastic toilet seats. Catalina assumes that plastic seats are included in this data since government data included plastic toilet seats in this category in the 1960s. The export and import data was classified as plastic toilet seats. Again, Catalina assumes that the international trade data also included wood toilet seats, especially molded types. Molded types dominate industry sales.

To estimate unit shipments, Catalina used the average value per unit exported as a guide to estimating an average shipment value (Tables 8 and 12). Catalina then calculated shipments minus exports plus imports to compute U.S. sales (Table 2). Our market estimate corresponded with estimates of market size in industry literature. Catalina made a similar calculation for dollar sales (Table 1).

In addition, Catalina compiled data on U.S. toilet sales in order to calculate the share of sales from new toilets (new construction and remodeling projects) and for replacement sales (Tables 6 and 14). Catalina used this data to calculate the sales for residential and nonresidential markets; and new, remodeling, and replacement sales in each market (Table 5). We used data from our Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops report — Tables 5-1 and 5-2 (total and new residential bathrooms) as a guide to this calculation. Catalina also used commercial's share of total plumbing fixture and fittings sales in the Catalina Report on Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings. In addition, Catalina analyzed residential and nonresidential construction spending, residential permits and starts, existing home resales, mortgage rates and personal income, and the average number of bathrooms per new housing unit in order to evaluate the factors driving demand.

Catalina profiled two leading manufacturers by compiling information from the company web sites and other databases. Two Home Depot locations were also visited to view the wide array of products offered by these manufacturers at the retail level.

Table of contents:
Executive Summary
Toilet Seat Market Trends
Factors Driving Demand
Price Trends
New Product Developments
Sales By Material
Sales By Market Sector
Competitive Situation
Distribution Channels
Scope And Methodology
Table 1 Value Of U.S. Toilet Seat Sales, 1992-2007 (dollars): Shipments, Exports, Imports, And Sales
Table 2 Quantity U.S. Toilet Seat Sales, 1992-2007 (number): Shipments, Exports, Imports, And Sales
Table 3 Average Value Per U.S. Toilet Seat Sold, 1992-2007 (dollars)
Table 4 U.S. Producer Price Trends Of Plastic Resin And Wood Inputs, 1997-2006 (index)
Table 5 Estimated Share Of U.S. Toilet Seat Sales By Material, 2006 (percent)
Table 6 Quantity U.S. New And Replacement Toilet Seat Sales, 1992- 2007 (number)
Table 7 Estimated U.S. Quantity Toilet Seat Sales By Market, 2005- 2007 (number)
Table 8 Value Of U.S. Toilet Seat Shipments And Number Of U.S. Manufacturers, 1982-2007 (dollars and number)
Table 9 Quantity U.S. Toilet Seat Shipments And Average Value Per Unit Shipped, 1992-2007 (number and dollars)
Table 10 U.S. Toilet Seat Imports, 1992-2007 (number and dollars)
Table 11 U.S. Toilet Seat Imports For The Top Six Countries Of Origin, 2002-2006 (number and dollars)
Table 12 U.S. Toilet Seat Exports, 1992-2007 (number and dollars)
Table 13 U.S. Toilet Seat Exports For The Top Six Countries Of Destination, 1992-2006 (number and dollars)
Table 14 Quantity U.S. Toilet Sales, 1992-2007 (number)
Table 15 Home Depot Toilet Seat Replacement SKUs
Table 16 Company Profiles
Bemis Manufacturing Company
Toilet Seat Products
New Products
Sales And Market Share
Kohler Co.
Toilet Seat Products
Table 17 U.S. Spending On Building Construction, 1977-2007 (dollars): Total Buildings, Residential Buildings, And Nonresidential Buildings
Table 18 Total U.S. Housing Demand By Sector By Region, 2002-2006 (number): Existing Home Resales, New Housing Completions, And Mobile Home Placements
Table 19 New U.S. Privately Owned Housing Units Started And By Type Of Structure, 1980-2007 (number): Total Starts; In Structures With 1 Unit, 2 To 4 Units, And 5 Units Or More
Table 20 Monthly New Private U.S. Housing Units Authorized By 20,000 Building Permit Places By Region, 2005 And 2006 (number)
Table 21 Total Bathrooms In New U.S. Housing Units And By Type Of Unit And Region, 1995-2005 (number): Single-Family Homes, Multi-Family Buildings, And Mobile Homes
Table 22 U.S. Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling Spending By Ownership Of Residential Property, 1993-2006 (dollars): Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, And Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling; Homeowners And Rental Properties
Table 23 U.S. Home Mortgage Interest Rates And Personal Income, 1982-2006 (percent and dollars)

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